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I took an hour nap and more than 50 new posts. Damn.
I used to didn't like the LEB design but after reading his idea and the process of its creation, I have come to appreciate the jacket.Do I have to always brood when I use it? Lol!
Just an honest opinion but that jacket looks like a mess.
So my girlfriend and I are staying for the week at her sister's place. The sister has been complaining about the strong fishy smell from the high neck. Damn it...
Unless somebody else got an order in before G&G stopped doing it for the regular line or they changed their minds again
Deco blackThe last of its kind on a non-deco pair.
Thank you.MH71
Ok ok Here are some quick shots. I just threw it on with whatever I was wearing. It's an older production so the leather is stiff and armor-like. CCP fencing lm/2267 CORS
The only other place I've seen that disgusting product is from the ads here in Styleforum. I don't know how the ads are generated here but I thought Fok shouldn't be allowing this here. Lol!
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