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Given the price the items were discounted for, it makes me think how much do these things actually cost.
Good luck to those who ordered then. I don't want anything in particular anyway but it will be interesting to see if anybody here gets their purchase.
What's going to stop someone from using it even if it's for employees only? Of course, unless they verify if the person really is an employee.
... holy eff. I thought it was a joke given it looked like a 1337 internet language but it worked...
Sigh... subtle way to promote/sell his products.
I work in the healthcare field (not a physician) and the clothes I wear are meant to get soiled. The only time I get to wear my suits is if there is an occasion that calls for it. I used to regularly wear shirts and sport coats or blazers during weekends when I go out. Initially, my friends saw me as being overdressed but they got used to it eventually. However, I changed to wearing a shirt, jeans, and leather jacket because it was just easier. Of course, they were...
To put it nicely Jack, your choice of leather jackets doesn't align to what most of the members here consider as good. Try browsing this thread so you'll have an idea.
I think it is since I inquired in both locations. Still, it doesn't start below $2000.
I do agree it can be a collectible. I just like the convenience of being able to take them with me especially when traveling back and forth to the west coast. Initially, I considered getting them in print but the prices for the back issues put me off from doing so.
I believe it starts around $2500. This was a month ago when I inquired for their bespoke service.
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