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Going back to obscure, this old video was posted in SZ. https://vimeo.com/121459717
Diluted lemon juice.
Some obscure pieces from older collections I found on the web Female dick trousers: Human hair pullover: Leather dress with crushed glass: Bull's blood dyed pig skin:
Skeen got rid of it. I tried doing the method he suggested twice and it seems to have lessened... or I just got used to the smell. Lol!True but looking at PNP's pic, isn't the jacket wider at the hips?
How I would love to have the sleeves shortened by at least 2 inches. However, I'd like to keep it proportional to the body length and shortening that area is definitely out of the question. I wish CCP can accommodate changes on sleeve and body length for special orders.
Trying on some stuff. Can't wait for the temps to drop. This high neck is tighter and with stiffer leather compared to the other one.
@psydle Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
So what makes it different from the current tornado boots other than the soles? Is it better?
Better?Honestly, I'd like to see boots with the same treatment as CCP, A1923, or Guidi with a sleek chiseled last. Each to his own.
Nice jacket NN.I'm not sure if it's a recent trend or it's been happening for a long time and I just became aware of it but I'm seeing more of this all black clothing + red footwear (boots, derbies, whatever) combo.
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