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I can understand the designer's intention about the stores treating the customer buying experience with utmost respect. But it is still achievable through online sales. Most stores I've dealt with online have been really good at the customer service aspect (even with Darklands as far as my experience went) and don't have that virtual cart where you can just purchase items in the wee hours of the night by mistake. As far as the customer treating the stores and employees...
I don't think he was implying about the sales aspect. But what is the reason of restricting online sales outside of exclusivity? It's not like they are made to measure or bespoke.
But that's typical for shoe makers. CM shoe makers do those trunk shows quite often.
What are you looking for?
That's good to know. I was actually thinking of asking them to do the same thing for a recently ended auction that hasn't been relisted.
Where in Asia? Ink is located in Hong Kong I think. Not sure about the variety they got though. The Office has the most available items as far as I know.
Assassin. Self-harm is the "official" cause of mortality.
Carol's nip got imprinted during the object dyeing.
Carol Christian Poell fencing and tornadoes Julius_7 twist denim
This is my opinion. The thing with m_moria shoes/boots is that the design/process is not that out of the ordinary and far from CM footwear aesthetics. Because of that, the price seems exorbitant or ridiculous when compared to CM shoes. You have the other artisinal footwear dealing with experimentation (rubber dripping, object dyeing, etc.) and creating unique designs (front zip, spiral zip boots, stacking of the leather, etc.) yet somehow is not as expensive. M_moria...
New Posts  All Forums: