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Thank you.
It's made for the US market hence marked in US size. I bought these from Barney's but never got to use them. I wear a 8.5UK in C&J 348 last and these fit. There's more space on this last compared to 348 but I can't guarantee if it will fit a 9UK. You may want to ask in the C&J thread.
C&J Cottesmore boots for Barneys. Boots are new and was tried on once only. Dainite rubber soles on 341 last. Box and shoe bags are included. Free shipping within the CONUS. Paypal only. Pm for any questions. Thank you.
I thought we were done with this cummerbund talk a few pages ago? Lol!
Can't wait for the prototype. I'm definitely in for this one.
This is what I've been thinking as well. After that last shipment, it seems it just stopped once again. I know there are a lot of orders when the cutoff was announced but there are still June/July orders that haven't been received. I know some TOJ staff left (or maybe one) but aren't the jackets made by outside sources? I'm thinking production should still continue regardless of Sally or somebody else leaving the crew.
The Black Tie Guide reviewed it. You can check the blog.
From what I read based on other's experiences in the NMWA thread, Formosa should be at the top. Something that's bespoke quality or close to it.
What cbbuff said. Post a fit pic first. I know you bought it already but I'm sure the alteration process hasn't started yet. See if you can post some pictures wearing the tuxedo so the members here can at least help you in regards to fit. If all is good, then keep it. If not, hopefully you can return it... hopefully.
I'm exactly at 35 weeks today. :-/
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