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From what I read based on other's experiences in the NMWA thread, Formosa should be at the top. Something that's bespoke quality or close to it.
What cbbuff said. Post a fit pic first. I know you bought it already but I'm sure the alteration process hasn't started yet. See if you can post some pictures wearing the tuxedo so the members here can at least help you in regards to fit. If all is good, then keep it. If not, hopefully you can return it... hopefully.
I'm exactly at 35 weeks today. :-/
You can try theblacktux.com. I have no experience using them but they claim on their website they have better quality and fit.
Going to another tailor for a bespoke (if it's really bespoke for that price) suit would mean a different house cut and starting again from square one as far as getting the fit perfected. Will it be something that you will like and worth what you paid for? That's something that can only be answered once the product is completed. Are you willing to take that risk? As far as getting a Tom Ford tuxedo or any other RTW brand for that matter, determine first if it will fit you...
The family cat when he was younger.
I noticed with the French market the 348 & 358 lasts are used more compared to the English and US markets. Are there any other places where one can purchase the French C&J models?
I think they were referring to that single zipper on the forearm of the left sleeve.
@haganah Did Luxire give you an explanation why they didn't have slit buttonholes for the studs on their formal shirts? I was considering having one made but hesitated after seeing the weird buttonholes on the marcella bib.
I'd like to try the interview mother.
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