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He has a hyerloop connected to every Barneys in the country. That's how he gets there.
Maybe a little bit too much at times...
Materials should be fine but I think it'll just end up looking like an unmaintained CM shoes... sloppy pair to be exact. Probably, if the toe was upturned, it can pass or you'll get boots with rugged rubber soles.
I lamb leather and sheep leather stretch more compared to calf or horse. For those with shearling leather jackets, how much stretch did you see on your jacket considering shearling is lamb/sheep also?
Nothing really to see in L'eclaireur in LA. Mostly furniture. The CCP they have are mostly in kangaroo leather. Other than that, it's just Isaac Sellam. You can check RO on La Brea or Backlash somewhere in Santa Monica Blvd.
L'eclaireur in LA sure stocked up
I guess CCP went crazy with color 12 on the recent batch. Few of the stockists have a variety of jackets in that color.
Depends on the region. We are fat here in the US.
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