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Look into luxire. They have an affiliate thread here.
Why not just go for the custom route? It seems it's difficult to find the right slim cut shirt for you based on your measurements.
So the shirt's chest measurement is 48"? If that's the case, it won't fit you.
The question is if it's appropriate as a business attire. Raf, Hedi, and Yohji's fall more on the fashion/street wear style. In an office setting, I don't think it's ideal unless your office or business deals more on the artsy side (music, film, fashion, or anything like that).
Envious right now to those that can go... Lol!
Know your size. Where are you located? Serie Noire started carrying Backlash. It is on the expensive side (by a lot) compared to getting it from Japan. The stores in Japan don't carry the larger sizes so contacting a store there and preordering for a larger size works. Just for reference, I'm a 48 or 50 sometimes depending on the brand and I only fit on a XXL for Backlash (and it's a bit on the tight side still).Or you could visit their newly opened store in LA located...
The pain... oh the pain...
Anything interesting in 9E there?
I wouldn't put it as a rule. Just a preference for me. I'm not sure about the rest.
No buttons on leather jackets for me either. Personally, I also don't like any horizontal seams that go across the sleeves or the body (partially and fully) unless it's just the hems at the bottom. Horizontal seams on the elbow joints are a bit iffy for me.
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