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I can't comment on the smell of white tanned leathers as I don't own any but others here can. I know @dji0 said his was like a rotting corpse which would definitely be far from a fishy smell. Doing the diluted lemon juice seemed to help as I can tell the smell is as not a strong as before. One thing I remember that I can compare it to is the salty smell of the sea. My gf and I went to the shore a few times this summer and it always reminded us of the jacket. Lol!
You're really concerned about that smell. Lol!
^ yup. So it seems. LOL!
That's it! No more leather jackets for anybody especially you Fok.
It's just not really for me. I'm used to the sleek/pointed shape of CM shoes and I'm very partial towards chiseled lasts as well. Some reasons I got a pair of tornado boots are for the sleek/pointed last (closer to CM footwear shape) and because I needed something to pair with denim other than my Buttero sneakers.
For 1800€ and above, you can get a MTO/semi bespoke pair from Meccariello. Granted it is more on the CM side and no wooden nails, you can have it customized to a SW look and is hand welted. What's more, you get a goodyear welted, fully wearable test pair. The last is also adjusted to a better fit.
What's the deal with m_moria? I can understand the shell cordovan but anything else other than that especially at the price of a new scarstitch? (Is that even true?) I know I read somewhere that CM calls (most) SW footwear as clown shoes. For this one, I can see it especially with the shape.
Yep... definitely fucked.
It is hitting on the belt line if you look closely.
Wrap around leather pants Pig intestines pullover
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