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More like xxs. 48 is medium
Well the last order I had took a year and a half. Maybe because they know it is you @uzairh that you get the special treatment
If you go order directly from Rei, those can be modified to something better which is the good part. Although, I can imagine if he ever gets more buys from retailers, the bespoke/semibespoke aspect thing may disappear or may take longer or more expensive.
Geez 2+ years... enjoy the jacket now you finally received it.
Nope, definitely fake. There are clear signs and I'm not gonna post them here as who knows if those that make those fakes frequent the fora.
Yeah, just one look at it. Thought you were gonna refer to this: The fake jacket goes well with the uhm... fake nose?
Eh? Which one?
Yeah 45cm is around size 50 unless you have to wear this really low waisted which would look weird. But from what has been mentioned here, l-0 fits very generous on the top block but becomes really tight on the calves/leg opening. So probably that's where it will fit a size 46.
Something similar to a skinny SLP maybe?
Thanks for the feedback guys I've found myself wanting to try what these new artisans have to offer. Although, I don't have much knowledge on what is out there except what I read here and on other fora. @Auximenes and @nicelynice you guys are based in Japan. You have easy access to a trove of these artisans I find the one piece Ierib backpack really interesting. The guy makes other leather stuff like shoes and hats. His derbies has this style where the laces go through...
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