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If you check his instagram, you'll see his old works and some other designs. I guess it's best to ask him what you can modify (collar, zipper placement, overall style) since I haven't explored all the options. I just wanted something simple. Although, I am trying come up with a design for my next commission. I probably want to get something in reversed horse with a little grain/distressing and utilize the dyeing process he is trying out which is using leather dye then...
This is a long read but I wanted to share my feedback with ordering from Ierib. Lots of photos too. I will edit them with spoiler tags later as I'm using my phone to post this. So I wanted to get a collared leather jacket and got a CCP scarstitch previously. Unfortunately, I found the body length to be short and looked weird when I wear it zipped with an untucked shirt. I always had to tuck my tee which I don't like. So I got rid of it and looked for an alternative. I saw...
Brand new with tags, rice bag, and hanger This took a year and half before I received it. I already have one and don't need another of the same jacket. Not interested in trades. LM/2599GP CORS (horse) gloved titanium leather jacket; this is the non-exposed version. Size 48; fits true to size especially that CCP sizing can be a hit or miss at times. Color 010 or black Asking: $5700 shipped within CONUS; international adds shipping Send me a message for any inquiries.
Maybe against St. Crispin but not against Meccariello's Aurum line which blows M_moria out of the water pound for pound with the only difference is the aesthetics. At close to the M_moria's boot's price point, you can also get a shell cordovan boot that is adjusted to your feet's measurement. Semi-bespoke basically. You get an initial test pair which is goodyear welted that is good for daily use. From there, final adjustments on fit are made on the actual pair. Uppers are...
I'm not familiar with the process/technique but I would base it on how even the stitches are and the number of stitches. Uppers are sewn using a machine so again it will be based on how even the stitching is. Altieri uses horween shell cordovan and if a CM shoemaker uses the same, I doubt there is any difference outside of hand painting/dyeing that Altieri does. For the soles, doesn't really make any difference if it is wooden or a regular nail. You can probably compare...
M_moria construction-wise, I'd say yes it is comparable to some CM shoes, price, hell no. Can't comment on the others.
Is it Darklands that wrote that? I always thought it was Altieri (or his staff?) writing those.
And it's not even properly leveled.
It will flatten unless you walk tiptoed when wearing it.
Why get the u-sole when you want it to flatten and close up? It will eventually because of the weight you put on it. Otherwise, just get the prosthetic boots with the regular soles/heels.
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