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Oh damn... I never paid attention to this detail. Oh well. At least next time I'll be using this option.
Half size bigger... Damn it...
Who knows. Maybe the recently shipped and still to be made leather jackets in calf will be pebbled. Lol!
There's pebbled calfskin -_-
Somebody needs to go to the 5th dimension and send a message to Drew using gravity
The other TOJ is 30 light years away in another dimension. Don't worry, it's on its way.
Woohoo! Got tracking for a December 2014 order.
If I actually use that and put it against the wall, I'm very certain the result will always point downwards. What does that mean?
EMS always has tracking. Probably what that means is the tracking info wasn't emailed to the recipients prior to the items getting shipped out.
I purchased the jacket and I'm really happy with it. The leather is quite heavy. As for the zippers, I'm not too picky with such details but just to note, they used YKK excella zips. Armholes are really high.
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