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I'd like to see that leather jacket that was done with that zip pattern/closure
I have read that thread. I thought you were referring to Archivio to which I am comparing design aesthetics (from what limited images I saw) that seem similar to GBS. I'm not talking about construction or the designer's ethics just to be clear since I don't know much about Archivio and PH in regards to that aspect. Just the visual aspect for now.
But what exactly are the items of his collection? All I see are some random items, paintings, furnitures, and very few close up pictures of said clothing. Seems to be in line with GBS or PH to which I remember nicely's wife asking (not sure if it was her or the exact words) what's the fascination of dressing similarly to a hobo from a previous time/era.
I like the curved dna pants especially how it stacks. Would've have jumped on that pair but I already have 3 pairs and other pants in rotation.
If it doesn't fit that well, just let it go. I doubt removing the lining will do much in alleviating the tight arms. And I don't think having those holes on leather will look good, hidden or not.
So what's the deal with Archivio JMR?
Did I ever state he was? You have a strange way of reading things.
I think the 3 of you should just take it over PM. There's a good reason they closed that thread in SZ. 2 of you have an axe to grind which I think most understand why. 1 of you seems way too invested in this thing which is puzzling to me but I'd rather not find out. I'm sure most can agree the seller in question is shady and those aware of the situation will avoid him. That's more than enough to help inform potential buyers.
So I'm assuming you prefer this out of all the other cars you have:
Fascinate and Gullam in Japan do.
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