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Did it to lamb, sheep, and horse but no dryer. I just soaked it in warm water for 15 to 20 mins. It shrinks the jacket at least a size down and becomes stiff again. With the horse, the grain became more pronounced.
The Molto Monk is an interesting and creative design but I can't imagine the wear and tear that the underside of the removable straps will receive with constant use. What if you end up stepping on a puddle while wearing it with the croc straps?
Prudy,There are things other than design and pricing that make people want to get a TOJ. I believe the selling point that drew people to TOJ was the MTM option. You get to have a jacket made specified to your measurements. Then there's the option of choosing the kind of leather and color. For some, they were able to order some one-offs. All of that combined, made it popular.I do agree that (and I'm sure most do) that the current situation isn't worth getting into the whole...
For me, if you're looking for similarly designed DRs, you can look into Backlash. http://www.callingbacklash.com/wear/sold%20out.html http://www.callingbacklash.com/theline/005.html
Damn... really? I like the mahogany finish and it would have been great if they continued with the option for boot trees for MTOs. I can understand that streamlining the last of the shoe trees is meant to cut costs but why not keep the mahogany finish?
I don't really keep track of this thread but who decided or when did that tie become the SF club tie?
Be happy for him. He waited 3 years for that jacket.
Google search for Devoa cow hooded leather. There are some good photos of the jacket worn.
It's the wrong kind of buckle. On the link you provided, the metal in the middle slides to lock and prevent the side adjusters (fabric part) from coming loose. Without that function, the fabric will easily slide out.
Should hire them to make your jackets.
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