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My bad. I was referring to the semi armhole. Just forgot whatbit was called even though you mentioned it and it's on the listing. LM2499 is the correct code for the semi armhole.
Thanks for the info. I did contact her directly. Currently, her stuff is only in Japan and Australia. I just wonder how the jacket fits.
It's real. That's the object tanned high neck. The booklet probably is not the right one though as I know object tanned pieces get the black booklet.
@nicelynice Ever had the chance to handle this leather jacket by Isabella Stefanelli? I like the details especially all the handstitching.
Shoulders are tight and armholes are high so sizing up by one can address those points. The shoulders look relaxed though along with the overall look of the jacket.
He has a hyerloop connected to every Barneys in the country. That's how he gets there.
Maybe a little bit too much at times...
Materials should be fine but I think it'll just end up looking like an unmaintained CM shoes... sloppy pair to be exact. Probably, if the toe was upturned, it can pass or you'll get boots with rugged rubber soles.
I lamb leather and sheep leather stretch more compared to calf or horse. For those with shearling leather jackets, how much stretch did you see on your jacket considering shearling is lamb/sheep also?
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