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Too bad. If the leather is still stiff, maybe the range of motion can increase once it softens? It does look good unzipped which I prefer when wearing the scarstitch.
Too tight when you zip it up?
@eton97 would know since he had HOIL. I know they're both horse but that's about it. I just assume the difference in codes could be from where it was sourced or how the leather was treated.
XpostThe Viridi Anne horsehide jacket
How dare you question the rationality of the wealthy, you plebe!Joking aside, I agree with what you said.
Unless it's just the way you are posing but the left side of the jacket doesn't look good. Can you take another photo just to see if there really is a fit issue here?
So how did it end up being called m_moria only?
In my opinion, I don't think so. I know it was a collab but the pattern is already made.
Lol! Did anybody see you doing that and gave you a weird look? I've handled 3 jackets (all high necks though) within the past year and they all smell the same. Luck of the draw maybe? Lol!
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