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Exactly what I'm thinking. The jacket is too long for him at least on the sleeves. May look better without the bunching up on them.
I don't recall the entire post in SZ especially it was removed but if I'm correct, the elephant, where the hide/leather the jacket was made from, died from a natural death.
Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm assuming it's still the same with the grain side except for the look and texture. M_morias use reverse side as well and I doubt there are issues with it. But a leather expert would have a better answer on it.
Speaking of bags, I placed a custom order for a briefcase with ESDE bags. Leather is reverse shell cordovan. Should arrive soon.
You will have to recondition the jacket once it is almost completely dry to soften it up again. It won't soften without it and will be prone to cracking as the leather lost its original protection from the soaking. The grain on the leather may end up becoming more pronounced due to the process. Damage will only occur if the water used is too hot as it can harden the leather permanently.
It will become stiff when it dries. It may or may not shrink but you need to use warm water and leave it soaked for 10-15 mins. How much shrinkage are you aiming for?
I want to know what's that guidi/LUC stuff posted
I think the email is group sent. As far as items spoken for prior to the email going out is maybe due to local customers getting to them first or somebody called by phone to reserve the item.
@jsd642 Post the buyer's username and other details here so we can avoid that person.
No. Mothers, grandmothers, and aunts
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