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No. Mothers, grandmothers, and aunts
Macross? SDF-1?
I like the idea behind LEB's anfractuous distortion but I wonder how long will he keep using that idea as the basis of his design. He started out with a lot of promise and I hope he doesn't end up being a 1-trick pony. As for the jacket, I'd get one since I really like the design and it's not CCP/BBS price level either. It's just that I have a bunch of jackets in rotation and it's becoming warmer lately.
I'm sure it can be done. You're not cutting the fabric but just merely taking it in. You're just gonna move the stitching on both panels and just end with more excess fabric in the inside. Probably half an inch on each side.
Can you post a pic, front shot with it completely zipped?
I was thinking of no rain from blind melon.
Not at retail.
Moving on... CCP highneck and boots Zam Barrett DNA pants
But... but... it's so lifelike. thanks for the advice @Ragechester. I kinda figure that out as well. @flowcharts will do once I get the chance.
The Viridi-Anne Zam Barrett M_Moria
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