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3-letter acronym. Close enough.
The second one sounds like the TOJ thread.
Lol! He needs a bowtie though.
Damn I'm tempted to join this GMTO... But I just placed an order for something else last night.
He's looking for more than $2000. You can keep your cheap $1995 wallet spot.
Go browse the uncensored Rick Owens F/W 2015 runway show... You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it.
I would assume that. Lol! Go back to your lawn mowing.
I went for the whole thing. I just wanted to see if there was another price increase that recently happened thus my asking in this thread.Unfortunately, my bank didn't give me a good exchange rate. In fact, if the payment can go through Paypal, I would have gotten a better rate. Lol!Either way, I can't wait to get the final product (and test boots).
YuYup... I'll be calling him Dick Owens from now on. Maybe a foreskin stooges is in the works...
I placed my order. Trees and last modification are definitely extra. Now the waiting begins.
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