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At least you get to wear them. I have 7 suits, 2 tuxes, a bunch of dress shirts, and more than 10 dress shoes/boots with most I have worn only twice and some not at all. I have a few ties with some unworn. With all these, I'm still considering buying a few more pieces. It definitely is an addiction.
Can you post more high res photos? I think it'll be easier for us to appreciate and have a good look at the jacket unless it's just because I'm browsing on my phone.
Maybe we should change the thread title to the new official Distorbiant thread - updates, complaints, order changes, etc.
Try renting here? That is if you decide to go the rental route. https://theblacktux.com/
This definitely still has a long way to go. I think Luxire needs to tweak their pattern for the leather jacket to get the fit right before offering it again to the consumers. Once they do, I think a lot of people will be interested with the product.
Lol! ^ That changed 3 times.
The official currency for TOJ is now blowjobs. You want a spot? Blowjob. You want an update from Drew? Blowjob.
e) invested for r&d for the new line of bedazzled TOJ jackets.
Is it black? Looks like navy or midnight blue to me.
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