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I noticed with the French market the 348 & 358 lasts are used more compared to the English and US markets. Are there any other places where one can purchase the French C&J models?
I think they were referring to that single zipper on the forearm of the left sleeve.
@haganah Did Luxire give you an explanation why they didn't have slit buttonholes for the studs on their formal shirts? I was considering having one made but hesitated after seeing the weird buttonholes on the marcella bib.
I'd like to try the interview mother.
Margiela. Very minimalist and clean which is kinda appealing to me. Although, it seems too cropped unless it's just the shirt that's making it look like that.
Huh? This thread is almost a year old.
Given the price the items were discounted for, it makes me think how much do these things actually cost.
Good luck to those who ordered then. I don't want anything in particular anyway but it will be interesting to see if anybody here gets their purchase.
What's going to stop someone from using it even if it's for employees only? Of course, unless they verify if the person really is an employee.
... holy eff. I thought it was a joke given it looked like a 1337 internet language but it worked...
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