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@eloq and @ClambakeSkate Thanks for the input. I do remember the stitching being even on the crash seams. As far as matching the patterns of the crash seams, can that not be reversed engineered (for the lack of a better term on my part)? Meaning, create the garment with regular seams then draft the crash seams on the garment itself and take it apart to create the final pattern from it? Will that make the process of matching the seams easier?
I don't know jack about patternmaking and coming from a layperson's perspective, I don't see it is as complicated as LEB's patterns where he has to make it in-house. The crash design is used where normally you would find a straight line for a seam. From my perspective, you're just replacing straight seams with crooked ones. As for LEB, I do remember people (including myself) not that amazed upon first seeing his work. It felt like just some random pieces sewn together. You...
This is exactly what I was thinking. Fine, it's her skills that defined the 2010 collection (and probably others). But the silhouettes and the work is and has been attributed to CCP for the longest time. The 1st collection gets a pass and she is doing something interesting by incorporating silver with the fabric. The 2nd? I know the inspiration is the movie Crash but it's just lackluster. In my opinion, it comes out as the CCP 2010 version 2. Same form with just crash...
Does Deepti even post there? Even if she did, I doubt it will be annoying as GBS. The guy just puts himself on a pedestal and makes sure that you know it.
They do recommend sizing down by half from what Jeff at rider told me. So it may not be a total loss.
Nice. Thanks for the info. There you go. At $515 currently, these are a steal.
How long have you had them? Are they holding up well?
Here is a review I found on reddit. It was from a year ago or so.
[[SPOILER]] I just looked at Rider's website and the Sassetti shell boots there look fine to me. Ron is well known over the CM side afaik and has a good reputation. Shell cordovan and norvegese construction seems like a solid combination. You have rubber soles already which takes care of having it vibrammed. You can't just dismiss them. I'd take them over guidi and especially buttero, where I've read some issues with quality. Fortunately, my go to buttero sneakers don't...
My bad. I was referring to the semi armhole. Just forgot whatbit was called even though you mentioned it and it's on the listing. LM2499 is the correct code for the semi armhole.
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