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So I bought a women's MMM 5 zip from yoox for my girlfriend. I don't know what kind of leather it is but it's paper-thin. I'm guessing this is from a spring/summer collection but the leather quality is just disappointing.
He knew you'd be coming in here once the has been mentioned.
Not really a penis but... let's just say it cannot be unseen.
Sam Hober 4 fold midnight blue grenadine grossa tie. In excellent condition. Worn less than 5 times. $70 shipped within the CONUS. For international shipping, please pm me for shipping cost. Width: 3.5" Length: 59"
You won a date with StyleforumRobot.
From what I gather now, it really depends on the the tie maker's interpretation on how many folds a tie has. Referencing PCK1's 5-fold ties posted above, if we go by the method of counting the flaps rather than the creases, then those ties are only 4-fold. For me, as long as I'm satisfied with quality of the silk and construction, it doesn't matter how they interpret these 7-fold, 5-fold, etc. I just wanted to know if there is a definite answer and seems there isn't.
I didn't even know they made trousers.
Reminds me of the time I dined in a restaurant with a business casual attire dress code. Somebody came in wearing shorts and flip flops. They still served the guy. :-/
I thought you guys hated the zipper pull on that?
Well this is understandable because the product has been made and delivered although some errors were made. They're willing to fix the mistakes so the rude emails and threats of chargebacks are unnecessary. What's happened here is a different case. There is no delivered product.
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