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Nah man. It's not just you. I never bothered to look up Salomon shoes. Initially thought that BBS/Salomon shoes were a unique design by Boris himself but it's just a different colorway and the BBS 11 label slapped on it. Regular Speedcross 4 is around $100-130. BBS version is $400+. It does sound pretty dumb.
Get off my lawn and go change your diapers.
Those look infinitely better. What is the purpose of drop crotch pants though? Got a baby diaper is full look? Don't wanna wear underwear and my dick is 20 inches long that I need space look or purpose?
The sagging butt on the BBS pants/jeans just kills the whole thing for me.
In short... reconsider.
Just contact him directly if you're interested in ordering as you can get it done to your specifications.
He does the museum effect himself.
@eloq and @ClambakeSkate Thanks for the input. I do remember the stitching being even on the crash seams. As far as matching the patterns of the crash seams, can that not be reversed engineered (for the lack of a better term on my part)? Meaning, create the garment with regular seams then draft the crash seams on the garment itself and take it apart to create the final pattern from it? Will that make the process of matching the seams easier?
I don't know jack about patternmaking and coming from a layperson's perspective, I don't see it is as complicated as LEB's patterns where he has to make it in-house. The crash design is used where normally you would find a straight line for a seam. From my perspective, you're just replacing straight seams with crooked ones. As for LEB, I do remember people (including myself) not that amazed upon first seeing his work. It felt like just some random pieces sewn together. You...
This is exactly what I was thinking. Fine, it's her skills that defined the 2010 collection (and probably others). But the silhouettes and the work is and has been attributed to CCP for the longest time. The 1st collection gets a pass and she is doing something interesting by incorporating silver with the fabric. The 2nd? I know the inspiration is the movie Crash but it's just lackluster. In my opinion, it comes out as the CCP 2010 version 2. Same form with just crash...
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