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Those are damn fine shoes.
Finally tried the Moody Stooges. Can't fit in the 40. Too tight on the shoulders. Probably need a 42 but they didn't have the size available at that store.
It can if he knew where they are being stored
Green seems interesting.
No... just no.
I don't have any experience with any of the brands you mentioned. If I were to choose, I'll be picking from either Charles Tyrwhitt or TM Lewin as far as fit goes. The only thing I don't like with TM Lewin is the shorter collar. I like my shirt collars to be flushed in my jacket's lapels as well. Brooks Brothers' slim fit still runs full.
You can try looking into Kent Wang's tuxedo shirt. You can customize the measurements for the same price.
Grainy... veiny... my mind is in the gutter. -_-
It's one jacket only so it could be just that. Of course, it is disappointing not to get the quality you expected (thinner leather, very grainy leather, etc.) especially when compared to the other jackets posted here that have better leather quality.
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