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Guess your source was pretty unreliable. That list went 9 for 24.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Who is the teary eye boy they keep going to during Sean Penn's thing? He is they guy who wrote the screenplay. Dustin Lance Black.
Stupid friggin Academy. They screwed Mickey just like they screwed Peter O Tool for Venus a couple years back. You think these guys are ever going to get another nomination again? Fuck...
Finally Danny Boyle gets the recognition he deserves. The guy is easily one of the best active directors in the business.
Quote: Originally Posted by Egdon Heath The show opened with a 40's swing version of the Theme from Lawrence Of Arabia, my favorite movie for Christ's sake. I thought thats what it was. Couldnt put my finger on it though.
Is it just me or has all the ridiculous swing music that has been playing the entire time taking away from the impact of the presenters
Quote: Originally Posted by Eagle Have any of you seen "The Exorcist"? That would be my choice for most disturbing movie. Seriously
How awkward did Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black look together up there
Peter Jackson at number 2? The guy is a fanboy director at best.
Damnit Cohaagen, give da people der ahiir!
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