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Nice Chukkas. Trying to get an idea of the true colour. Is the last shot with the white jeans the most accurate?
Bump for a great seller. Sales and follow-up were first class. Just received a Tissot from Rambo and was in mint condition, as stated. A Ming vase couldn't have been better wrapped than the watch.
Agree with Dixichuk. Really nice feature re the category search.A couple of gripes though. Maybe I'm not doing something right but when clicking on an item in B&S classified on say page 4 then hitting the back button you're thrown back to page 1 and not page 4. Also from there it seems you can't again click on page 4 directly. It won't load. You've got to go to page 3 or 5 and hit the forward/back button. It's pretty frustrating. Another minor detail when generally...
Pm sent
Any opinions on Theory Jackets, specifically the Xylo model? Any idea if they are canvassed,half canvassed or fused? What is the quality like? Also can someone explain the difference between cotton velvet and cotton velour. The terms seem to used interchangeably. Is there an obvious distinction? Should I visualizing an 80's lounge lizard tracksuit for the velour?
jreigen is a pleasure to business with. Product as advertised with same day postage
Bump. Anybody?
Has anyone had any experience in reducing the "roping" of a sport coat to soften the line of the shoulder? From what I've read any shoulder work can be fairly problematic and have a flow on effect to the rest of the jacket. Just wondering if this operation has similar issues and is best left alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Amiens Australian style is losing at cricket with even less grace than Pakistan. Give us a break. It's still fairly new to us. We can't fall back on decades of experience at it like yourselves. Thank God for your Empire 11.
Ones that magnify. "No, no honey It's true. It really was this friggin big! I saw it with my own eyes"
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