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The rent is too damn high MTA Service
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude DONT USE IMAGESHACK sorry about imageshack Quote: Originally Posted by null0x The-thin-man, that looks like the washed pique polo, not the dry one. thanks, that's it!!
Is there a way to identify previous years designs? I bought this white shirt on sale last summer just to kick around, found out it was really good, should have treated it better, bought more than one. Anyway I bought this Dry Pique shirt anyway this is my shirt, anyway I can identify the name of it?
Average Intelligence, but I know a lot of facts and have a desire to acquire skills and knowledge. This is why people tell me I'm Intelligent. IQ Test - 128 SAT - 1090
Black Swan - Exceedingly Average!
Maybe some spend most of their free time on here.
Cornel West - Brother West
Quote: Originally Posted by ImaPro Dont buy a futon you will regret it. This is a true!!!
The new deerhunter album
I'll be there, but the last sale was garbage.
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