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At this point, I've done pretty much everything mentioned below, if anyone has questions.Saras and Dosa King are decent veg. Indian places. There are two Beirut restaurants near Nana BTS. The one below is good. Nadimos is supposedly good but I haven't been there.
Hello, I'll be in Chiang Mai this weekend and I thought I'd try to find Sam Hober's shop. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I will try to dig through old posts too. Thanks
Sorry, I got engrossed with life over here. I'll try to post more soon to this thread with shirts from Pinky's and Tanika. Pinky's. I had bad luck. They asked if I wanted slim and I thought they meant American slim, which is to say still loose. Also, I ran it through the dryer.. That said, the shirt was more an asian slim where the buttons gapped even after multiple visits and having them get rid of the bunch fabric in the back. So, the final shirt is too tight and you...
Hi everybody, So I've been here for a bit...just revisiting this thread. It is amusing me to to note how many places I visited around here that were already recommended by you and I forgot. Examples: the speakeasy sky bar is quite nice and I agree that the Vertigo at the Banyan Tree is great. Cramped with people...going to try the restaurant some time soon. The view from the Baiyoke building (80 something floor) would be good, if it didn't have a cramped, run down...
Thanks, I'm probably looking for a good coffee house/shop more than a bar, but I will go everywhere rather than nowhere. I will also look up those books. I've heard that is a good bookstore to find English language books. Regarding my comments about shirts, I was weighing what it would cost for me to have a MTM shirt ordered here to be made in Hong Kong vs what it would cost, I gather, at Tanika or something. I may not be comparing fabric quality correctly, however.
Videos for your comments, will update first page post later. I haven't really examined them beyond a quick view. Sam Hober https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp2vB80Hc6o July Tailor (thai) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hna_98sZt0I Interview with the tailor, I think, until about 22:53. Shop for the next couple of minutes. Back to shop at 35:25 for three minutes. In between is media/star junk I think. Around 46 mins they go back to content that might be useful if I could...
Curzon, if I can figure out a way to take pictures of beautiful women I will, though I assume I may end up in the picture, which may ruin things. Regarding WW Chan, thanks. I just tried to verify the confusing posts that said they had a Bangkok office....their website says they don't. So, I will update that first page post. Everybody else, thanks for the other suggestions. I will try to visit as many as possible. If I get bored, maybe I will take pictures of the places...
I look forward to your input. You were one of the people that gave me some sort of a structure to take a stab at what is going on in Bangkok. I get the feeling that I'll stick to shirts and that one suit, unless I get a really good vibe. Maybe a blazer or two. PS How the heck am I a senior member now?
Thanks guys, that was underlined quite a bit by all of the posts that I read. So I'm glad you stated it clearly. I agree "embassy" endorsed doesn't mean much, but it is another real piece of information for other folks. Regarding suits, I just want to get something decent at a good price -- a linen suit is almost wearable.
Tanika costs about 25000 baht for an unstructured linen suit with multiple fittings, which is about $675. For context, Oxxford quoted me a Holland MTM for $4307 about two years ago.Obviously, I am comparing apples and oranges. But I think I'll likely go with her unless someone tells me how I can manage a better HK suit. Or tells me that Narin is worth the extra money. Or that July Tailor or someone else is better.Anyway, example of such a suit:
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