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The T&A suit as been sold, to me.
I just bought the cotton/linen Zegna shirt, so that's that.
For what it's worth, here are some auctions that are still a bit cheap, both are still under $10: PAUL STUART CLASSIC GRAY WOOL CHALKSTRIPE JACKET-38R Canali Milano DB Black Italian Suit 36 R Reg 36R
Any pictures of the Brioni sc?
Are there working cuffs on the grey RLPL? Hum, I wonder how much it would cost to take the in the RLPL, it's just a little big for me... just musing out loud.
Ah, I can't yet PM, but that Italian grey MTM interests me; does the top button roll? Maybe this will get me to PM status... Edit: What are the issues of which you speak - and are the pants pleated?
Ah, I don't yet have PM ability. Is either the New Republic or Oxxford still available? Is there anything more you can tell me regarding the material? What would S&H be to either Massachusetts or New Jersey on either one or two suits?
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