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These I bought at the mall they retailed for $90 I used them very little. Nothing wrong. Size 10.5 mens  one shoe lace has a bit of tear on it.. no big deal   email me if interested at
I am drinking a evan williams on the rock.
I have artworks for sale, if something peaks your interest I could have a print made up for you.>photos>my art
what are some good brands to watch for when shopping for blazers and/or suit jackets?
thanks for the help, I think Im good w these shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Welcome back. We've missed you dearly. Lets keep this about my question, but thanks for having me.
I just got some shoes from target but Im not sure if they are right. They are loafer type black shoes that feel okay. Should I take them back and get some lace up black? The requisite is that they be black shoes non athletic and non skid. Thanks all.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Lovely. pretentious shit.
who likes peanut butter on the sexy parts?
this is bullshit. show me your closet, okay, Illgo take a picture of my closet for you.
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