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I love Heely's stuff like Cardinal so I'll check out Sel Marine. I'm surprised I hadn't come across it before. I had read about Privee but never came across a sample of it to try. Retail sounds a bit high, even for Armani. Thanks for the recs, MC!
I already told Kiya that you'll keep them if you still want them.
"Raw" refers to the non-distressed nature of the denim. It offers no indication of the kind of indigo dye used. Think of it as looking at a blank blue canvas. As I stated before, one-wash (meaning, soaked in water) jeans can be raw because aside from dunking them in water, you haven't treated or distressed the denim. You can fade jeans that are already distressed just by wearing and washing them repeated, so "raw" has nothing to do with describing some kind type of indigo...
Afro- Ok, let's back track a little. Forget your true waist. What's important is the measurement of the waist of the jeans that fits you comfortably, which is 30.5". The jeans you ordered have a 30" waist but till stretch out to at least 30.5", but more likely to 31"+ because they'll be sitting lower on your hips due to the lower rise. They'll fit. When measuring jeans, the waist and rise give you an idea of how the top block fits. Typically, the lower the rise the...
You're overthinking it a bit. Just roll them up, they'll be ok. They're new so the stacks haven't formed yet.
I read the reviews on Sandalwood before but got a little freaked out by some claims of it being over the top, almost sickeningly so. I'll keep my eye out for Windsor. Would love to add a nice eucalyptus to my garden. I forgot to add CdG's Palisander to my wood list (zing!) I hadn't heard of Krigler's, either, until a split came up for it or Cedar. Not enough people to fill the Cedar so I went with Fir and am glad I did, although I'm anxious to try the rest of the...
Hope they work out for you, Asian Afro!
Sort of. Most companies aren't concerned with how fast their jeans fade, but how because ultimately this usually denimhead's bread and butter. I say "usually" because there are quite a few people on here that own tons of jeans with only a few months of wear because they're not looking to wear a faded pair, they just love the denim and all the other bells and whistles. "Good denim" has dyes that set it apart from the rest; it's also not what kind of dye (natural, pure,...
For anyone who thinks this is a "new" line needs to take a look back at RL 67.
Billy, if you ever get the other Krigler splits going, let me know. I really love this Fir.
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