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Many sites have measurements listed but you typically want to size down one with Nudie.
Directly through RRL, Blake's, calling Context, etc. Sales typically don't include the line that the raw jeans are a part of, so ebay.
3x1 in NYC. It's not cheap and arguably not the best denim, either.
When you have both brands in your hands, you will understand what I mean.
Momo and PBJ are apples and oranges. If you live in NYC, why wouldn't you just go to Blue in Green to see both brands in person?
If you have questions on fit, you should be looking at measurements and comparing them to jeans you already own. It's not an exact science but it will at least give you a rough idea. The brands you have already listed are a good start. Anything I'd add would be out of personal preference or because you're looking for something very specific in terms of fit, price, or the denim itself. I would add, however, that if you're looking at the lower end of $200 then you might...
The cut is the most subjective part. They all fit a bit differently.The only pair I haven't handled is the BiG pair so I can't comment on it. KMW is up there with construction, bells and whistles, and denim quality. RRL might be my favorite of the lot overall, but I prefer the Low Straight over the Slim. PBJ offers a kind of denim that's novel but it's not everyone's cup of tea and I've had stitching issues in the past (for a similar slub but better jean, Strike Gold is a...
Depends on how much you want to spend. "Better" would put you in the Imperial sexi14, Ironheart 7301, etc. range. A little cheaper would be the 711bsp by 3six. Sami just has such a great rep for results with their blacks.I saw Gustin months ago and didn't see anything special about them. To be blunt, the denim looked like any other brand that puts "Japanese selvage" on their $200 jeans and they'll probably fade that way, too. Pretty sure I was told they were sourced from...
Please tell me this is true. The internet can now finally implode.
You should pick up a pair of RRL. Jean Shop did a cream that was almost speckled and slubby. Think Rogue Territory is using something similar now.
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