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Try Griffith Park during the week.
Over the past year (or more recently, this past month) I've toured about a dozen or so different coffee plantations in Costa Rica and Panama. I'm finally going through my photos now so if you guys are interested I think I'll start up a thread for those interested in finding out more about coffee development, farming, roasting, working conditions, how small/big productions differ, etc. It seriously feels like I could run a seminar.
My vote for wj4 was mostly for his ability to photoshop out all the people around him taking their quinceañera photos. PDinh knew his audience well. Kudos.
That's odd. Down here we heard nothing but tales of a brown eruption.
I'm waiting for Nicaragua pics. Word was on the news down here that there was an explosion and yet no lava was visible. What gives?
Total Wine, K&L Wine, Wine Expo, Wine House...
Nicaraguan love bug.
Many sites have measurements listed but you typically want to size down one with Nudie.
Directly through RRL, Blake's, calling Context, etc. Sales typically don't include the line that the raw jeans are a part of, so ebay.
3x1 in NYC. It's not cheap and arguably not the best denim, either.
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