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"Hem crinkle?" As in the crease made when you fold the hems up? The fold should remain at the same spot, it's the extra inches folded upward that you're taking off...The reason why people keep the original hem is because they're distressed and want to keep them uniformly that way. Another, although frankly face-to-palm inducing, is as an attempt to keep the chainstitch without sending them out to be chainstitched again.I don't follow how any of these will leave you with...
Is the bag paper? How long ago was it roasted? Even when old, the aromas and flavors can be muted but they still remain. Brewing time won't change anything. Doubling the weight will increase the strength but if there's nothing there... Sounds like a toss.
I've added a few more lines under "Fun Facts." I think I'll keep updating it with tidbits I recall.
If that. Priority envelope up to 4 lbs is around $17. Tracking is another $10 or so. It's very reasonable and the mail service is so reliable where I am that I never pay for tracking unless the seller absolutely demands it.
Thank you, sir.
Ok... It's done. Damn did it take long: http://www.styleforum.net/t/306244/from-cherry-to-your-cup-a-summary-of-coffee-production-in-central-america-with-photos/0_50 Enjoy!
Over the past year, I've toured a good number of coffee plantations and facilities, both big and small, in Costa Rica and Panama. Hopefully, this will both inform and encourage you to branch into other coffee varieties as well as take a tour yourselves. I'm definitely not an expert, for this is all information that I've gathered from people in the business, but I'd be happy to answer questions where I can. As hard as it is to believe, this is actually an abbreviated...
Totally glazed over "per inch" but I'm sure Naked & Famous is already working on a S/S13 denim that will be that heavy.
It's a prototype but honestly, I hope he doesn't switch to brass. I don't think he will, either, seeing as how his jeans don't use brass. It's the fact that they're not brass, that this isn't another Type 1/101J, is the point he's trying to make.
Already had that in mind. It's looking like I'll get around to it tomorrow. Hope you guys like long-winded threads.
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