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Good luck with that. After the lawsuits, I can't imagine companies like Sammy openly giving out red tabs they no longer make.
But that doesn't start up for over a week!
Season has been good so far. Last night was probably one of the best in recent memory, up there with the Joan Rivers ep.For those that couldn't figure out what was going on in the season premiere, [[SPOILER]]
Do you own a pair of jeans that you're comfortable wearing? Measure them ( ) and then you can compare them to other models like Weird Guys so you can figure out for yourself how they'd fit.
If this goes through (and there's enough talk that it could), I'd be curious to see if the deal gets vetoed by Stern and co ala CP3. If it doesn't, this whole "the Lakers are killing the witty bitty smaw mahkets" is gonna look more like bullshit and MUCH more like a Stern-owned team having putting its hand where it didn't belong.
There's an APC thread that's better suited for this kind of question. Normally, it's size down two but there's a rumor that they changed their sizing.Unless I'm missing something, you already own a pair of 511s. Why wouldn't you just measure them to compare against Whall's measurements? He's got several different fits so if one cut doesn't work, another probably will.
Depends on how much you want to spend: Rogue Territory to that list if you're looking for something around the $200 level.I wish this would just die already. There's no magic effect to it. All the work comes from months of wear, not from ten minutes wading around in water and another five looking like this jackass:
Like Argentino suggested, they might be too short for what you want. Assuming your pair has a size of 30-34, 8.25" should be wide enough where it's not an issue.But I think the reason why your problem is relatively uncommon here (unless the pair has narrow hems) is because your denim is a lot lighter and softer (hello, elastane) than what is worn on here.
Why aren't there more of Kyle's posts on here? This thread should be chock-full.
Here's looking at you, kid. But god, why. Dear christ, why????
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