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Depends on how much you want to spend: http://www.styleforum.net/t/230174/jeans-similar-to-apc-new-standards/0_50Add Rogue Territory to that list if you're looking for something around the $200 level.I wish this would just die already. There's no magic effect to it. All the work comes from months of wear, not from ten minutes wading around in water and another five looking like this jackass:
Like Argentino suggested, they might be too short for what you want. Assuming your pair has a size of 30-34, 8.25" should be wide enough where it's not an issue.But I think the reason why your problem is relatively uncommon here (unless the pair has narrow hems) is because your denim is a lot lighter and softer (hello, elastane) than what is worn on here.
Why aren't there more of Kyle's posts on here? This thread should be chock-full.
Here's looking at you, kid. But god, why. Dear christ, why????
Treat them as other pre-shrunk material. I'm not sure what difference it would make if you soaked them with/without cuffs. I always uncuff mine first and recuff after.All your thoughts on water are going to do nothing permanent to improve the fit of the jeans the way you want. You'll eventually stretch them back out after a few hours or days of wear.I'd never heard of the "best of" line, probably because it's not sold in the US. This link might interest you:...
I think the biggest difference between the two is that coffee farmers treat their fields just like that: farms. I haven't been to a single plantation that didn't have other things growing among the coffee. Part of this has to do with crop diversity, for smaller farmers it can be a means for extra food/income, and it also comes into what I mentioned before about coffee needing shade.One example that comes to mind was on a farm that had been abandoned (quite a few were in...
I live in CR (on my way out now) so it was a matter of being close enough to these locations around here and Northern Panama. -Sweet Maria has purchased quite a bit of coffee from that region in Panama (Boquete), as have others like Intelligentsia. This is part of an auction that farmers can give their beans to once they've been evaluated and graded. The problem is that not every farmer thinks this way. In Boquete, for example, many farmers are still under the mindset...
"Hem crinkle?" As in the crease made when you fold the hems up? The fold should remain at the same spot, it's the extra inches folded upward that you're taking off...The reason why people keep the original hem is because they're distressed and want to keep them uniformly that way. Another, although frankly face-to-palm inducing, is as an attempt to keep the chainstitch without sending them out to be chainstitched again.I don't follow how any of these will leave you with...
Is the bag paper? How long ago was it roasted? Even when old, the aromas and flavors can be muted but they still remain. Brewing time won't change anything. Doubling the weight will increase the strength but if there's nothing there... Sounds like a toss.
I've added a few more lines under "Fun Facts." I think I'll keep updating it with tidbits I recall.
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