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Let's not ever mention that film again.
If this is your biggest concern, you have more problems.
Tour sticker from a coffee plantation.Love Moo's trolls, especially when you don't need to pshop his fits to humiliate him.
Yes, my son. Finishing school and traveling will do that to most people.
Mikkel Rude Lee 101z Thorogood
Without a price range...?
CK's worth seeing live if you haven't already. Caught him a few years ago at the club in LA and it lived up to the hype.
There are three major distilleries all within 20-30 mins of 75: Woodford, Four Roses/Bulleit, Wild Turkey.
One way to do it look up the Max, Mic, etc. for their measurements and compare. I haven't tried on a pair in a while but I remember sizing down one in the Mic.
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