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I already answered you and this question has been answered many, many times before. If you can't google "chainstitching," then I feel embarrassed for you.
You're absolutely right. Mixed up the numbers.
The difference is between a lockstitch and a chainstitch. The only person that would bother noticing that difference is you."6x6" refers to the thickness of the warp (#6 with #0 being the skinniest) and warp. It's not to be confused with terms like 3x1 or 2x1 which refers to the weave pattern (3 warp to 1 weft, etc.)For the reasons you mentioned (yarn thickness, tightness of weave), seeing a listed denim weight only gives a rough idea of what the hand will be like....
I get what Crane was attempting to do but it was a bit too cerebral and out of context for a thread like this. I can't be the only one who didn't know what the hell he was looking at, let alone that it was a tree, let alone that the flower in the foreground had anything to do with the background, and let alone just what exactly was in the background. I'll defer to a better-versed gentleman than myself: if a thread full of photography fans don't get what you're capturing,...
I feel like I read it someplace before...
I think you meant this:And I think Señor Crane might want to think about giving up the peace pipe for Lent.
People getting tired of playing I-Spy.
Let's not ever mention that film again.
If this is your biggest concern, you have more problems.
Tour sticker from a coffee plantation.Love Moo's trolls, especially when you don't need to pshop his fits to humiliate him.
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