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I get what Crane was attempting to do but it was a bit too cerebral and out of context for a thread like this. I can't be the only one who didn't know what the hell he was looking at, let alone that it was a tree, let alone that the flower in the foreground had anything to do with the background, and let alone just what exactly was in the background. I'll defer to a better-versed gentleman than myself: if a thread full of photography fans don't get what you're capturing,...
I feel like I read it someplace before...
I think you meant this:And I think SeƱor Crane might want to think about giving up the peace pipe for Lent.
People getting tired of playing I-Spy.
Let's not ever mention that film again.
If this is your biggest concern, you have more problems.
Tour sticker from a coffee plantation.Love Moo's trolls, especially when you don't need to pshop his fits to humiliate him.
Yes, my son. Finishing school and traveling will do that to most people.
Mikkel Rude Lee 101z Thorogood
New Posts  All Forums: