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That's a shame. It came up on Thrillist last week and since my gf loves hot dogs I thought it'd be worth checking out.
Loads of options. Going along similar lines, Civilainaire has a slim or regular fit with yellow line selvage or for a bit more Jean Shop has the Rocker with orange selvage and details (literally wearing a pair right now.) They're from the same family/designers, so the fits are comparable and the denim is nice (Japanese and arguably nicer than the standard Cone you'd get from LVC.)FWIW, the zip on the Civilianaire is decent but it's smooth-as-silk Riri on the Jean Shop.If...
When are you back in LA? You bringing the rest of my gear this time around? I leave town for a week starting 2/16. Shoot me that email so I can talk to Victor.
There you go again with that DOC recommendation. I think I might have to bump it up on the list.FWIW, Kiya couldn't recommend his way out of a paper bag. We're still in awe of his Comme Ca call.See you guys in two weeks. BTW, has anyone hit Uncle Dick's down in SW yet?
Mauro, I'm gay for anchors. Let's do this.
I spent the better part of an afternoon trying to do that. My first few came out like this: But after several attempts and a helping hand, I managed this: My teacher was slightly more talented: I gave up around the time I realized that I never usee milk with my coffee...
What are you, his shabbat goy?
Thought he couldn't use machines on days like today.
Assuming the OP spent a year on/off and being fairly active in a pair of jeans, how much more stretch do you think he could get out of them? How much did you get out of them?Denim types aside, cotton has a limit to which it will stretch. Most people on here tend to buy a bit snug to play into this fact. Granted, that means that if the pair you purchased wasn't originally tight but then you gained weight, you didn't reach that limit through normal wear.Unless you had...
Good grey jeans are few and far between. Anywhere from Levi's, APC, Rag & Bone, or Jean Shop depending on price. I doubt you'll want to go higher into Dior, etc.Just to clarify, getting your jeans wet to try stretching them out only works when they're still new. After they've been worn to your extent, that's it.
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