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Well, shit.You free Saturday or what?
Went down 2, just like I have with their other cuts.
Thanks. For three days out of the year, it's my favorite jacket. Sorry you had to let it go.These JS Rockers were an impulse buy that really turned out.
Not yet, but the fabric gets thinner where there's stress. No point in reinforcing them yet.You're describing jeans that you can find walking into any mens' department. What's there to recommend?You can try ironing them back out. Otherwise, enjoy your pleated jeans.
At that range, why not just go 45rpm or fully custom? Those are some pricey washes.Speaking of washes, Jay at Blue Owl carries some good stuff that isn't really talked about on here. Hysteric Glamour, Man of Moods, etc. HG is really known for their washes but they're $$$.
Not to sound snarky, but this isn't everyone's first part of raw jeans, right? I'm sure most would assume they would stretch out like anything else unless given evidence to the contrary because of the weight or weave. 13.5 oz Cone is kind of the Corolla of denim.
Thanks, but it's temporary. Life, a girlfriend, work, and studying for my Step 2s get in the way of telling strangers to size down two.1) That's much easier. You're definitely looking for more a straight cut than anything relaxed in that case. Are you looking at denim comparable to Sami? Is Cone ok? Like I wrote before, there are lots of companies that make a standard cut with Cone (LVC, Glory, etc.) If you want American made but with different/better denim, then that...
Washing won't do anything, you get the color from constant abrasion. If you're obsessive, try using an eraser to clean out marks. Otherwise, put tape on the inside of your hems to avoid contact with shoes.Aside from PRPS and RRL which are arguably the best, LVC and Jean Shop. Rolo probably has Acne, as might Steven Alan (?), Villains (?), or places like that.Depends on what you want. US brands selling made in the US jeans with Cone are a dime a dozen. Not saying that you...
No joke. I get in next Saturday and I don't want to be standing at the airport trying to figure out where to eat. Let me know what your availability is like for that week, too, but know that I head out that Wednesday.
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