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Had the invite from a friend. On level with Providence without the upgrades but with more creativity.I said wolfskill (a solid cocktail bar in the IE) but I meant wolfsmouth. Good luck emailing in for a seat. Byob if you go.
Been sad ever since Rivera closed.You been to Wolfskill yet?
I'm not big on the uniqlo undies anymore for exactly that reason.
Definitely. Sometimes it's a bit harsh to separate a brand's quality by aesthetic, but a lot of stuff out there is on a G-Star level.
I gave up on the Latino thing for a day. barneys/snyder/rag&bone/alden
I own a few Minimum pieces. The fit and finish is on par with big box high street stuff. Personally, nothing too exciting but a step up from H&M and such. Those brands are sort of mass-market boutique. Like anything else, the aesthetic and quality tends to go hand in hand with who sells it. If a store is carrying Minimum, they're probably not carrying something like Han Kjobenhavn or SNS Herning. Trusting the shop's taste, for better or worse if you can identify a few...
I'm going to have to stop you right there. There's a difference between a place that's known for making a dish popular and a place with good food. I like Tommy's but it's flat out stupid to suggest that they make the best chili burgers in town. While they may be yuppity, there are loads of places in LA that make good chicken and waffles even if they're not "authentic."tl;dr: Roscoe's sucks.
Then you're not very familiar with some of the brands on here.It's funny, although not surprising, that the romanticism and misconceptions surrounding garment production still remains even though we as a forum consider ourselves to be educated consumers. "China equals unethical crap" without any basis or knowledge of the actual factory and its conditions. "Buying USA means supporting local artisans and their quality craft" when the shirt was assembled by an uneducated, but...
Oboy has his recommendations down. Good Lord. Funny story of how small PDX (and SF) is. Get out of the airport and my gf and I beeline to Screen Door for brunch. Of course, there's an hour wait so we walk up the street hoping for a cup of coffee while we wait. Walk into Heart and before I can look up I hear my name. Yup, of all the cafes in the city, there's Oboy and fam. Go figure. FWIW, we skipped on Screen Door to go to Navarre and my gf thought it was one of the...
There are loads of alternatives depending on your budget. No sense in square pegging the round hole.Model? Raw/washed? Practically impossible to guess without more specific information.
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