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Sorry - I'm looking to buy a pair myself.
Anyone know where I could purchase a pair of YSL Johnny Boots (designer Zac Posen wears them frequently). At this point, I'll even consider second hand, as they're seemingly impossible to find. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Mark always....sheer perfection here: Mark
I CONTINUE to bow at the altar of SPOO...........just an absolute KING among men......... I bow in humble reverence, Sir!!!!! Mark Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Tomorrow is vintage, so I'll do a new SC today. Teh links: Behold the glory of shell in the autumn sun:
I continue to worship at the altar of SPOO......just AMAZING.
Just ordered a pair of Thompson Dress Shoes in dark brown from Just curious what others think about/know of Thompson? I have a pair of Thompson zip-up boots, but that's it. Mark
While at lunch, stopped at a local Marshall's in Franklin, MA. While not raw, picked up yet another pair of RRL Straight Legs.....marked down (again!) to $29!!! Mark
Great advice...the pic I posted was simply from ebay, not the pair I own. However, the pocket says exactly the same thing. Excellent point, and when home (I'm away on business presently) I'll take some pics, and post. Thanks! Mark
Thanks to the fine gents on this forum, I've become quite the educated denim consumer. I DO, however, have a question, and I apologize if it's rather obvious. I recently bought a pair of RRL Jeans...yup....was one of the folks who lucked out on a $49.99 pair at Marshalls (the pair I bought is deep deep indigo). Now....I understand that just because the denim may be selvedge/Japanese, does not necessarily mean the denim is RAW. If you look at various ebay ads...
Am hoping someone in Australia can help me. I am in desperate search for the cd "The Spirit of Christmas 2008", which is sold exclusively at Myer Stores. Problem is, I live in the USA, and they won't ship outside of Australia. If anyone can help me, I'd GREATLY appreciate it. Thank You, Mark McCann
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