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docs probably the illest boot ever
not into these joints but for the ripple sole stuff. hard
i'll be there. look for a white guy in pants
suede ones are OOP, i'm assuming? good skinhead boot. not great, but good
Lol b33f anyone remember when apcs used to cost like a hundo? Rrl is the truth. Sry for the OT slash lame post
sold to TOM. thanks man
selling my rrl red chambray in the buy sell for a fair price
Bought this off JSG28, and it is too big. This is the same shirt in the Jake Davis blog if that means anything. It came out early this year, and sold out quick. Price is SOLD Here: Chest: Chest: 23" Back: 18.5" Here are pics (taken by jsg28, of the exact same shirt in question.) SOLD thanks sam
yikes, may have to try it on. i hate the hawks at that store though.
Quote: Originally Posted by van_hammersly i went to a BB store and tried on a Black Fleece BB0 oxford, which I believe was "slim fit". It was still megahuge. not to get off topic (i searched and couldnt find a BF thread) how does black fleece fit compared to gitman vintage or polo custom fit?
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