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Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Srsly?! Toyota made a fake hummer? I think its a bit bigger. It runs on a big 4cyl turbo diesel and was mostly designed/built for SDF troops. The street model was a very limited run.
Mmmm love me some Pecorino Romano
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger she need to be exactly 5'6, eat 800 calories a day, weigh 107.7 pounds, have dark brown hair, green eyes, wear primarily lanvin and always wear a bow. You like thick girls? Gross.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt it's super ghetto, but in TST you can stay in any of the guest houses in Chung King Mansion at 44 Nathan Rd. A bunch of Indian/Pakistanis/Nigerians will accost u as soon as you walk past and solicit you with rooms. Very cheap. +1, Though do be warned, super ghetto is an understatement. Also, you could say that you visited/slept in a piece of movie history.
Quote: Originally Posted by Logan How has their ignorance not got them killed yet? And why do they think it was America that caused the earthquake? It hurts my brain reading that shit. Ummm duh, because America is God's Country
Case of the Crazy Too eager to go out with me met and made out/fcuked on the same day Picky eater Cant drink alcohol (this is common here, I mean not that they cant handle their booze, but rather cant drink at all) poor taste in music, but I can handle it if she is willing to change or grow to like better stuff poor diet/in bad shape or likely to move that way poorly dressed/lack of sense of style (Uggs+Leggings=NG)
It got to the point that a lot of us were feeling phantom quakes. I set up a bottle of water near my computer just to check if I was havin some kind of vertigo or if it was the real deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Amazingly, my wife's family that lived in Kesennuma are all alive! We just got word. Thats great news! It must be quite the relief for your wife
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Personally, it finally hit me yesterday how stressful this week has been. I am fairly removed in Osaka but even so the earthquake itself is the strongest I have felt in my 14 years here. And watching the scenes of destruction and hearing the stories has gotten to me. My friends in Tokyo have been going through this crazy week with power outages, canceled trains and over 500 aftershocks! I haven't mentioned this before...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Is there a complete disconnect between the majorly-affected areas and the rest of Japan? On one hand I see images of the homeless, frozen and hungry, destitute.....and on the other hand people in big cities are saying it's alright, it's orderly, no big deal. Not entirely, there are a lot of grass roots movements amongst the youth of Tokyo to collect things to send up north. Ill be donating a big bag of...
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