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Other than being a bit more dark than normal, everything is normal and A-OK here in Tokyo. Come on over. I have a friend coming here in a month as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 A+ thread. Remember kids, on the internet being built like a girl is 'cool'. I wouldnt want any girl that is built like me. Skinny and tall with a flat chest and ass? No thanks. If she was the same size as me but had tits as big as an "averagely big" guy, I would consider it, then again skinnier would be better. Say 180~190cm but 60~65Kg would be good. Also, to stop derailing the OP's thread. Most of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Srsly?! Toyota made a fake hummer? I think its a bit bigger. It runs on a big 4cyl turbo diesel and was mostly designed/built for SDF troops. The street model was a very limited run.
Mmmm love me some Pecorino Romano
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger she need to be exactly 5'6, eat 800 calories a day, weigh 107.7 pounds, have dark brown hair, green eyes, wear primarily lanvin and always wear a bow. You like thick girls? Gross.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt it's super ghetto, but in TST you can stay in any of the guest houses in Chung King Mansion at 44 Nathan Rd. A bunch of Indian/Pakistanis/Nigerians will accost u as soon as you walk past and solicit you with rooms. Very cheap. +1, Though do be warned, super ghetto is an understatement. Also, you could say that you visited/slept in a piece of movie history.
Case of the Crazy Too eager to go out with me met and made out/fcuked on the same day Picky eater Cant drink alcohol (this is common here, I mean not that they cant handle their booze, but rather cant drink at all) poor taste in music, but I can handle it if she is willing to change or grow to like better stuff poor diet/in bad shape or likely to move that way poorly dressed/lack of sense of style (Uggs+Leggings=NG)
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh It seems huge. Probably because the big beast is! To be fair, Infiniti quality is good, and pretty much comparable to Lexus. I have owned 3 Infinitis in the past. They were all a year or two old and pre-owned certified. They are really not that far off from comparable Lexus models but they are appreciably less costly. I think that Toyota released Lexus and that Nissan released Infiniti about the same time ( the...
Thanks for the advice guys. I've been eyeballing jobs in the US as well. My family really wants me back there (this was before the quake) and everything. There are a number of companies which speak exclusively English in the offices and everything (Rakuten, Uniqlo, and I think Sony), but like I said before, I missed he boat for new hires with those companies. Right now a lot of companies are targeting foreigners, but as far as entry level jobs, I'm not totally sure. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter good luck. I don't know enough about japanese business to know what value you bring. I was thinking that if you had your english and fluent japanese then you would be up on local candidates. anyway, good luck Yeah, I'd be in nearly anywhere if I was fluent in both. Thanks for the well wishes.
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