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The second was one of the best games of all time, this was pure shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Does anyone else think the nuclear crisis scale is inadequate? If Fukushima is a 7- which is the absolute worst- how you rate the scenario they were trying to avert at Chernobyl, which was that the molten core would burn through to the water table, exploding the entire power plant, throwing tons of radioactive material into the atmosphere, and making Europe uninhabitable for centuries? I think the scale needs to go up...
Another big one just hit off the coast of Ibaraki. Hows it goin on your end of town Brian?
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Never had a chance to visit there, but I have a colleague whose family lives on Shikoku, so I may have to go when I'm there late next month. If you come to visit me, we can go together!!!!11!1!! Niigata! Niigata Prease My friend in Niigata city keeps asking me to go visit him sometime. He doesnt really like to come down to Tokyo, but whenever he does he always calls me on his way asking to crash at my...
Bump, got my hands on a peak lapel, single button, center vent, velvet blazer. Trying to think of shirt/ps/tie/pant combos that would work fine with this. I am also not opposed to wearing one my of ascots with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy is she the pocket square thief? The very same!
Yes, Funny thing is, its a Zegna tie I got from a girl who is in love with me at the embassy I work at, but I am more or less just banging her. Hahahaha oh, Im empty inside.
oh, be still my heart. It may be because Im drunk poasting but I met up with a certain lady who stole my tie a few weeks ago and i am flat out in love with her. She is perfect... skinny, tallish, sarcastic, loves good beer/booze, loves good movies (her fav are Godfather and Usual Suspects), beautiful, interested in the same stuff as me and majored in a similar feild.... she is just,,, wow! I have a hard time keeping cool around her, where as most girls I just dont give a...
Other than being a bit more dark than normal, everything is normal and A-OK here in Tokyo. Come on over. I have a friend coming here in a month as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 A+ thread. Remember kids, on the internet being built like a girl is 'cool'. I wouldnt want any girl that is built like me. Skinny and tall with a flat chest and ass? No thanks. If she was the same size as me but had tits as big as an "averagely big" guy, I would consider it, then again skinnier would be better. Say 180~190cm but 60~65Kg would be good. Also, to stop derailing the OP's thread. Most of the...
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