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I graduated back in December and will be attending my ceremony in two weeks. I'm pretty sure I'll get nothing from the parents and no one but my friends who live here will attend the ceremony. At least the school is throwing a cocktail party afterwards. Im gonna get a $60,000 drunk that will hopefully last until I get into some sort of career.
Did anyone else think that Bolton as Erin Brockavich looked a lot like Sara Jessica Parker?
Sup Bitch Later I use both respectively for inner office communications.
I want a jacket made out of Bearded Dragon skin. That would be fly. I was gonna guess Gharial. Second guess duck billed platypus.
Eww Roppongi. I spent two nights clubbing there last week since I was with a friend from out of town, wont be going back for anything but work for some time I think. Though if you do something else one of these days, hit me up
My friend is opening a new rock bar in Dogenzaka. Fri is opening night so Ill be there. If you wanna meet for a bit Im down for Shibuya. Ill be off work at 13:00.
Call, you at least can remember what they look like. I have twice felt like shooting myself after exchanging digits with girls when I was so hammered I couldnt remember what they looked like, only to meet them for a date and find out they were fugly and/or had the personality of a dead moth/thumbnail on a cheese grater.
Started the night off drinking a pint of vodka waiting for my friends. Went to a crap gaijin pub waiting for others to show up then went to some guy's house to drink whisky and wait for one more friend. Hit Club Feria (its in Roppongi, my least favorite district), it was girl's drink free night, so I had some lady friends pick up my drinks the whole time. Had some chick start dancing on me then pull me to the side and start making out/biting me. Found out she was Chinese,...
Japan, Germany
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