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Oro Blanco are pretty damn good too
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Oh yeah. Size of Cantaloupes... How do they vary from Tangelos? Tangelos have more loose skin and you can eat the membrane bit. Iyokan have a thick membrane are bitter as fuck if you eat that part. Also Tangelos are kinda knobby where as these are more round like an orange. I think the closest thing to a Tangelo here is the Dekopon
Quote: Originally Posted by BossTweed Does this mean you use your real name? I use my first name only (attached to an unrelated/unusual email account) and never actually say that I work for the embassy, only that I have sources closely related to the embassy.
Figs, Dates, and good middle eastern/Afghan pomegranates (not those shit California ones) Oh and during the winter I usually eat about 40kg of iyokan , so sweet and delicious.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joe Camel +1, Your friend is a rare bird. Over here most girls dont hire manwhores, they just take sex tours of Thailand.
I blog semi anonymously for an embassy. While I can never say directly that I work for them, I do have a lot of insider information that makes it obvious that I am connected in some way. Though this works for me, as it is not 'official' I don't have to have the government censors check it and have a bit more leeway as to what I can post/source material.
My garage got hit by lightning (dad had a HAM radio antenna mounted outside) once and it actually wasnt all that loud. I agree with Crane though, you could smell and feel it, and there was a weird plasma/fog that wafted around the garage for a few minutes.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Didn't the bowls come packaged with the cereal in a promotional combo? Indeed they did. I believe we had three of the 4 different turtles, but in the end the color washed out of their masks so they all rook same.
First date and every date thereafter is half and half unless one of us offers to cover the other. Though lately I havent paid at all
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Crude illustration of it, but they looked like this and you could buy them in giant flats of 24 for ridiculously cheap at the supermarket in different colors. I remember what you are talking about, I cant remember what they were called but this is similar: My parents never bought them for us, though squeez-its and such were common. Also these: Ninja Turtle Cereal Bowl (still have a couple in...
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