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Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Creative idea. If she's into it, you've got a keeper. Damn, a stewardess. Make her dress up in the suit when it's nookie time. Hell yes. First pic this girl sent me was of her and some of her co-workers wearing Cosplay stewardess outfits for one of their friend's wedding. Japanese weddings are weird, have skits and other entertainment provided by the guests. Needless to say, it was hot.
Gonna bump this What do you guys think about taking a girl to a planetarium for a first date? Too intimate/romantic? I met this girl in a club a week ago and we have been emailing each other every day since then. She seems really nice and was cool enough to bring me some beer from Germany (she is a stewardess).
Always have a well stocked bar. Dont much care for drinking by myself (except a tasty beer with dinner), but when my friends come over I always have plenty of high quality booze and at least a few homebrews laying around.
Old news. Lots of geeks been trying to be Japanese forever. There was a girl at my uni who would always talk about how when she had sunglasses on, everyone thought she was Japanese. This is was a fat white girl with a bulbous nose. I always called her out for being a weaboo. She would wear shitty wool kimono to school and learned how to play the shamisen. ugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Ugh, I hate that Family Mart. They dont stock booze, its bullshit I tell you. Also, Tokyo is nearly back to normal. It was muggy as fuck today and they were runnin the AC on the train.
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale Is this the toned down thread that is supposed to replace the T or A thread? Anyway, I love gorgeous necks. You know it when you see it when it comes to beautiful necks. DING DING DING DING DING! This ^^^ 100% Long but not too long, and slender. Im gonna add defined collar bones as another like.
Oro Blanco are pretty damn good too
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Oh yeah. Size of Cantaloupes... How do they vary from Tangelos? Tangelos have more loose skin and you can eat the membrane bit. Iyokan have a thick membrane are bitter as fuck if you eat that part. Also Tangelos are kinda knobby where as these are more round like an orange. I think the closest thing to a Tangelo here is the Dekopon
Quote: Originally Posted by BossTweed Does this mean you use your real name? I use my first name only (attached to an unrelated/unusual email account) and never actually say that I work for the embassy, only that I have sources closely related to the embassy.
Figs, Dates, and good middle eastern/Afghan pomegranates (not those shit California ones) Oh and during the winter I usually eat about 40kg of iyokan , so sweet and delicious.
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