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Old people, stubborn, etc. They tried to in the 70s IIRC. People hated it. "My car gets 40 rods to the hog's head, and that's the way I likes it!"
My friends Rashwan, Nora, Robin, kyle, Justin R, Aaron, and Brandon. I would trust this group with my life.
Enhance. *click click click* Enhance. *click click click* Enhance. *click click click*
BA: International Affairs
FUCKING RAIN! Yesterday it was hot (33c) and humid but clear blue skies. Today I've got a date which was going to involve a fair bit of walking and the weather report changed from clear and hot (as it said yesterday) to hot and rain off and on.
Cowboy/old-west sheriff/character actor
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett So why would Chinese chick be paying for you then? Because her dad is rich, I'm good looking, well dressed, a nice guy, and *ahem* talented.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Perhaps you should change your SF member name to "RentBoy" Eh, parts of me are for sale, I'll admit it. Im a fresh grad with no real job, or prospects for that matter. I have no shame.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche WTF is wrong with you guys? The ONLY correct answer is to train her to pay for everything. Start off by "forgetting" your wallet. This. Its not that hard, I've been giving the stick to this rich Chinese girl for over a month and she pays for everything when we go out.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt just tell her that she'll never live like common people, and she'll never fail like common people. Then order a rum and coca-cola and take her to a supermarket. Anyway, that is my advice. Worked for me.
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