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Ginga Kogen APA Just launched a couple days ago and is only available in Circle K/SunKus. Pretty soso for an APA. Really fruity hops, but not a whole lot of bitter. Fairly thin/light mouthfeel but nice deep amber color. Its only a little more than a normal lager, so Ill probably make this a regular as it tastes much better than my other options.
I like to read/watch videos about conspiracy theories. Its fun! Some are super nutty and contradict themselves others are a little more
My condolences to you Arnold. It sounds like your mom lived a full and long life. We all can only wish to be so lucky.
The Man from Earth: I enjoyed it. Kind of a well thought out Twilight Zone feel to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi that's not even the worst helicopter related offense in the movies, not when i've seen many movies where pilots use their rotor blades to chop all kinds of shit up one more thing, and Family Guy did cover this btw - - why the fuck can't Imperial Stormtroopers hit anything with their laser blasters? so here's what we know - 1. they are all cloned from the baddest killing machine in the known universe - Jango Fett...
Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 Also unless you're really into S&M how many guys could pretend to rape a woman upto and including punching her while having sex with her? Being as she is San Fransisco I'm sure there is plenty of fodder for a good hatefucking
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter What's Canadian Pasta Salad? Poutine sauce on top? Thats what he called it. It was his first American independence day. Seemed normalish but it was dark outside
Several cans of each for a 4th of July BBQ I hosted. From the top L-R Yona Yona Ale: a damn fine Japanese microbrew, fairly bitter and tasty. Echigo Red Ale: Not nearly as hoppy, but still a decent flavorful ale. Ginga Kogen Pale Ale: decent, again not hoppy enough, but passable and a breath of fresh air compared to your every day J-beer Echigo Pilsner: pretty solid Japanese style Pils Belgian White from a brewery I forgot: Funky upside down can so all the tasty...
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie IIRC Japanese builders are dropping metric for "traditional" measurements for the same reasons. I can imagine tsubo and jou measurements, but bring up square meters and I am totally lost. My loft is 11 jou (5.5 tsubo) of livable space and 6 jou (3 tsubo) of kitchen, shower, laundry, and toilet. If I heard square meters/feet I would be very
Whiskey and BBQ sliders, some Canadian Pasta Salad and a whole lot of Japanese microbrews
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