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Quote: Originally Posted by Pilot Had Taco John's today. Similar to Taco Bueno. Their version of tater tots were really good. Forgot what stupid name they gave them. But the chicken burrito I had sucked. Too much mayonaise. Potato Ole The best stuff at taco johns is their simple items. The crunchy and soft tacos are much much better than Taco Bell and the meat tastes better
Stolen? never Get to break up with their boyfriend and then leave them turning in the wind? I think 3 or 4
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Say no more.....I'm getting the feeling I might need therapy
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one McDonald's eggs are about the only real food product in there, man. They're just cooked in ring molds so they're less likely end up on your crotch when you hit a bump in your hybrid Escalade/Tahoe/Excursion. True, but the folded egg that is on the McGriddle (McGirdle) is from a milk carton like container and cooked in a mold.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 You mean like when the mob kills someone and throws them in? No, I mean he sleeps with fish. You see, when a man...
Troy McClure sleeps with fish.
Ended up having the girl from work over on Tuesday for lunch. I made Quiche and an apple pie. She gave me chocolates that she made. We watched a movie. Then she attacked me with the fury of 1000 Hiroshima bombs. And to think just a month ago she was an innocent untouched 20-something who had no idea how to react or do anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by arirang Are there any suburban locales outside of the central Tokyo area that are worth venturing out to? A lot of the tourist literature refers to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Ginza, etc. for obvious reasons, but I thought it might be interesting to spend an afternoon in a more suburban area. You know, to see the "real" Tokyo and everything. I was thinking of aiming for Saitama and maybe checking out the Hikawa Shrine and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Do you live in the Pac NW as your location (assuming it's an area code) implies? I grew up out there and the strip mall teriyaki is out of this world. Every time I visit I make a point of getting lunch at my local strip mall for $3.98. Not sure why, but there are not Japanese people east of the the Mississippi practicing this wonderful craft on the level scene on the West Coast. Not many Japanese...
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Disgusting! You actually eat this shit? Just to be consistent, perhaps you should start buying your clothing at Walmart too. Hey now, no need for personal attacks, I and several milion japanese people ate it, survived and am not obese. I think Freshness Burger would give Whataburger a run for its money
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