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Quote: Originally Posted by drum Have you tried proxy websites? Lot of proxy sites (hide my ass, et al) no longer work. A VPN (virtual private network) will work for sure. A VPN works by creating a Virtual local network. Finding one for free that is safe is the only challenge. Best to make friends w some guys on IRC/other geek spot or have a friend in the US set up a router w VPN capability that you can trust.
If you can get a free vpn with a US IP you would be able to watch those sites. Otherwise Surfthechannel.com is a good resource for links to shows hosted on Megavideo or Vreel
Fucking NHK man come knockin on my door at 8pm looking to get a credit card or my bank account to charge me for their TV service (think PBS or BBC, but door to door nazis lookin for money). Told him I didnt have a TV, he demanded he be let in to see, I told him no. I called a friend to talk to him and tell him off a little more politely than I can, but he took one look at my phone and said "oh it has a One Seg TV tuner, therefore you must pay." I would close the door on...
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Are plants all essentially clones of earlier plants since plants don't (as far as I know) reproduce sexually? I mean if an orange tree produces oranges (which are kind of like plant eggs right?) which fall to the ground and the seeds in the oranges germinate, won't a genetically identical orange tree (to its parent) sprout up? If not, then where does the genetic variation in plants come from? Do plants undergo meiosis or...
Quote: Originally Posted by onix ^ I don't see anything indicating racism against Asians here. I THINK THEY CANT DESIGN CARS WELL BECAUSE OF THEIR EYES BEING TOO SLANTED there you go
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale What? I didn't know he was gay. Maybe its his brother. You dont kiss your brothers on the lips?
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Depends on how good it is ... I have had 3 Skodas in the last 8 years so I am not against manufacturers based in "non developed" world So a rebadged VW is "non developed" to you (I realize where Skoda originated, but nowadays, shit's all VW)? I value my life and would rather ride a scooter than drive a Chinese car. Probably have a better chance of surviving an accident on one of those too.
Quote: Originally Posted by julius12 Yeah, just wear the sh*t out of them until they fall apart. Wear them as often as you can to speed up their death. That way your wife will think you love the shoes so much. Then you can buy a new pair. Luckily with Aldos they will wear out within 6 months. I hope the OP didnt pay retail for these. As a of a few years ago this model was clogging up the mens shoe section of the Nordstrom Rack. Also, surprised...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one ratboy, Dr. Pepper is commonly available in South Korea it goes well with our Taco Bell yeah, well uhh, we have the freshest pandas
Interesting. I wonder if it will be easier to find now. ATM the only place I have seen it is in the odd off brand vending machines and at Lawson 100yen shops or Don Qixote. EDIT: WTF man? This article has nothing to do with the drink in Japan Dr Pepper Ten is now available in Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas City, San Antonio, Austin and Des Moines, Iowa.
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