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Im more surprised with how regular Patrick and the towel man are, almost the same time/a couple times a day at work. I only take a couple dumps a week, and that is on a pretty balanced (little light on the protein) diet.
Neckerchief =/= ascot
I used to wear ascots and suits to school. Call me an asshole.
Yeah, I downloaded it. I dont think I could find it at a local rental shop here. Lots of torrents available.
Why didn't the Soviets ever go to the moon? Their rockets were better designed than ours.
Quote: Originally Posted by East2West There is a scene in star wars IV near the cell block scene where a storm trooper hits his head on the top of the doorway. If they were all clones, they'd all be the same height, right? I remember watching this over and over on laserdisc. Also, no one ever said they were clones of only one person.
This whole Timetravel_0 John Titer thing, good one.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 That it is but if you look at this new show called "Fact or Faked" it shows that it was possible to duplicate some/most of the movements but debunked it because so many people would have to be involved. You lie to the majority of these people. Only the highest people need to know. Also, Why the fuck have we not gone back to the moon? If lunar rock is worth more than its weight in nubile solid gold...
I dont wear a watch because I have tiny little girl wrists and normal men's watches look huge on me. Purely aesthetic as there are enough clocks around everywhere that I rarely need to consult my phone or wrist for the time.
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