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She is ok, bit too dime a dozen looking for me. Yeah the Chinese chick I was bangin wasnto super hot, but she made up for it by being rich and a fuckin nutcase in bed... You should find that kind of chick. If you want I can give you her email, she lives in Shanghai, but travels a lot.
Been a while since I've been on here. I got really sweet job down in Nagoya doing marketing/technical stuff for Toyota's overseas markets. Down side is after being here for a few weeks the stewardess girl broke things off with me at the end of last month. was a real bummer, girl was rather active in the sack and had a great pair of legs, also she would bring me goodies from around the world.
Well, I successfully got drunk, went to the thing, only, 5 girls there with an average age of about 10 years older than me. I got hooked up with the youngest and best looking chick (32, fairly average all around, kinda on the low side of my standard), really I would have been just as well off not getting matched with her. Afterwards we went out for a drink, talked some, then split. Im really just glad I didnt pay to go to it.
Getting drunk now and going to a speed dating event in Nagoya in a couple hours. Will report upon my return.
Would you be first in line to eat a cockroach?
Its lobster. Everyone thinks I am nuts for wanting to eat crayfish here. They see them as about the same thing as cockroaches or cicadas. The average elementary kid lunch (that isnt packed by mom) can be awesome to shit depending on the school. There was a big controversy a few years ago about serving whale meat which was going to spoil in storage since normal people didnt want to buy it.I remember the square pizzas growing up in WA. My parents usually packed me a lunch in...
Did it here once just for the hell of it. Most every girl was not cute or old. One girl I thought was kinda cute was sitting next to this woman who reminded me of my ex's mom and looked to be about the same age (not a good thing). I couldnt remember the id numbers and just guessed at the end of the night. Turns out I sent a "love to talk to you again over drinks" card to the old lady, she kept on looking at me when we had free conversation time. I ended up getting matched...
Yeah, I have been watching it since season 2. Its pretty entertaining, though some of their theories are pretty nutso. Also:
New Iluminati signs
1. Take a pic of the paper folded in the door. 2. Print said pic on a paper towel. 3. Fold up and insert in door. 4. ?????? 5. Profit
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