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Oh, what I failed to mention, w/c @Bootspell so eloquently brought out__ is that, though there are some evo nuances, I'd pick & stick to a version ... & wait out for the next "wave".
It'd seem like__ looking @CXL new&undefiled, then 💭fast forward >> as they darken from wear + exposure to the elements ... But they don't. Each will go through slightly different evo route, since the leathers went under different processes.CCP will have a darker, more solid/opaque base than the CXL __w:c may appear to darken from wear & patination [on the surface], but natural leather shows through, like backlight ... kind of. 'Effect adds dimension to its look. ...
^ SemiDress EE on a Swing last is like 1/2 size bigger compared to an EE on a std SD last. So, are you saying you're good, width-wise, @8.5EE on Swing !? Meaning, you're hitting the sweet spot ?! Then, u should stay @8.5 on the SJs, IMO For me, I find the need to size down on the width & 1/2 on the length [from std SD last] for the Swing last.
Nice "party" @back👊🏼Actually, did that on HH w/ Bison backstay & caps. This time, I'm planning on an SD DressBrown countered w/ Natty CXL backstay .... On the 700s, 1/4 lowered blocked heels, close trim, no celastic, all antique eyelets.
^ True😕 ... But, we managed to white-knuckle the Hopper through, dint we ?! Edit: Since I don't have the Scout in my stable, I'm eager to score a pair, this time ... or maybe a Country Derby__ depending on the leather & color that will be available. Hopefully, on a 2045 or 110, even a 310, if push comes to shove.
Chillin' til we get an update on leather availability ... sometimes, it's the leather that dictates the build, IMO. I'm going for less common skins__ we've seen different textures of Bison [from more subdued zug/pebble grain-like, to the more exotic, reptilian steez. I'd like to see some Camel colors. 'Seems the leather got character__ would like to find out more about it & how it evos. I don't need another Porshe engine hiding in a VW hood ... eg, another iteration...
Looks like they're on 430 mini lugs= rubber soles__ not as durable as composite, like 700.Viberg seems able to tuck the 705 half soles as neatly ... dunno why White's aren't able to.
Rate of wear is about the same as Dainite.
@FOK__ 🙄Yeah, was afraid that that was the case ... Just've roll 🎲🎲 & see , then. Tnx for chiming in🙏🏻
^ 'Got Biltrite Neoprene Cords on my Dayton Drivers. Had them for 5yrs= @round 2yrs of effective wear. The soles are showing only slight wear__ sooo darn durable. Heels were recently replaced w/ Vibram composite. NEW Tho I don't mind this Biltrite as substitute 😬
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