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From personal observation [...& somewhat limited experience, compared to some dudes here], 2005 is a roomier version of the 2030. Side by side, same size w/both toes unstructured, last shape & profile @front foot is very similar ... it seems.E to EE is such a minute difference in width = a difference between wearing a medium weight to a heavier weight socks ... But, to some peeps on the E-widths, like me, it's a world of difference in terms of comfort.That said, it really...
^ ^^YES, easily doable. Rip from back to prevent accidentally damaging the denim/stitches.
Never size down on Momo__ sanforized or partially sanforized. Denim has residual shrinkage beyond 4th wash ... Unless u don't plan to wash at all.From experience, 701= SU1 :: 702= SU2 :: 201/202= TTS
^. ^^ Yeah, why not!? Organizing a next level project, like this GMTO, is quite challenging. Not any1 can do this successfully. U have to have the acumen__ [power of persuasion] & specific set of skills ... to conjure sh*t up out of [digital] thin air & making them appear [not so] magically. [That] can be quite a "pull". Imagine the exhilaration ... IMO, scaled up & streamlined, it can be a feasible business model👍🏼
^True, Paws are pure rubber, 705s are composites__ waaay more durable, agree. For this GMTO the heel is really a non-issue for me. Here's my LoneWolf Wireman w/ all original PAW unit still intact. Taps installed to stretch utility__ once the taps wear out on these, they will be going commando = white balls out😬 ... & once it's time to re-heel, I'm switching to either Quabaug or 705👊🏽 The sole, however, PAWs add to the boots' uniqueness__ it's an MTO, so why not go ALL...
'Saw those__ 👊🏽Congrats! U should post some photos once u get them👌🏽
Tanned Buffalo, interesting💭 ... Haven't seen one ... Not Bison, right?!
Between the 2, then 4444, IMO
I'm E-EE, depending on brand/last. That said, yes, I'm same size on 2030 = 2005 = 4497 5-fitting. As for 4444, there's a tad more toe room vs 4497, so some peeps size down 1/2. But, i do TTS__ tho I can size down 1/2, but on a 6-fitting. Again, depends on your feet config.
In principle, I agree with FOK on the 700s. IMO, It'll make the boots heavier & clunkier. Half-sole makes a world of difference__ functionality wise, as well as aesthetically. It's the way to go !!!
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