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Momo MJ2103
here's mine after @4yrs = 18mos+ effective wear. these [true blues] are like the "True Blood" of the denim world. 'just won't die ... nor fade away. *available light vs **direct sunlight
Samurai Yamato 001jp :: 3y/o = 14mos effective wear
Samurai 0500XX :: 4y/o = about 18mos effective wear
gotta ask this again ... which is wider, 2005 or 2040/2045?
i'm fitting 6 on Tricker's cuz i got wide feet & barely able to fit in a 2005 last. so, what's the main difference between the 2040 & 2045, as compared to the 2005? does it have more room up front than 2005? edit: i'm seriously contemplating on another Viberg soft-toe w/different leather make-up/config... maybe something with a bit of texture [like photo below] ... but in reverse combo ... ie, pebble or scotch grain shaft w/smooth vamp & backstay [as below]__...
i'm good with the make up except for the 2030 last. if it's anything sleeker than the 2005 i'm screwed.'got wider feet & would definitely need a more generous front, ie, 2040/2045? [soft-toe] or 110 [re-inforced/celastic]
PBJ is sold.
i've been wearing looser cit jeans lately [e.g., Samurai Jin 0110xj, Kapital Cisco, SC Okinawa, 45rpm, etc.]. they do fit me still, but i just don't relish having to squeeze in them ... shoulda sized up for a morecomfy fit like the 701s
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