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Undersized, as in, a tad smaller than the 701 ... w/c most of us use as comparative base for sizing. Got the 202sp, su1 @w34 Yes they're more accommodating/generous [junk] space. TTS should be best to get slimmish fit for athletic built
^actually, I do a 3rd soak after a few days wear, as well. i hate schlepping around with a ton of fabric bunched up in the ankles like leg weights. I try to get most shrinkage out of the way w/o having to wash, so I can have em hemmed up to appropriate length. Btw, on the 702s, u should've sized up. Dont invest too much faith on "fully/partially sanforized" not shrinking cuz they're still 100% cotton ... maybe not as much as unsanforized, but still .... IMO, always...
My Momo Denim Diet: 710 202SP MJ2103
425 GBP is quite a chunk better than 510 GBP, indeed. tnx again for verifying @Ryden
tnx Ryden!
i was gonna make full payment this morning, but i'm being charged quite a bit more. had to check with you guys i could vaguely remember the agreed upon amount since the MTO has taken too long ... but i mosdef would not have gone for $800+
Tnx ... that's w/ or w/o shipping?
To verify, what was the bottom line cost for the MTO, plz? Been a awhile, I forget
Fab!!! Got my notification as well
"Slim" is subjective, in relation to individual's built. Also, often confused w/ skinny ... e.g., 701/702 are "slim" on me, but not as slim on rail-thin built ... conversely, 201/202 are sorta "comfort-slim" on me, but slimmer on an athletic built dude
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