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i think there will be leather lining @vamp, as with most [if not all] their service boots
will be sizing the same way ... the only reason that's keeping me from kopping right away is because i'm timing/anticipating when the Teck Cordo "Allan" MTO [ie, SF x Tricker's x SH] is slated to drop. unlike some folks around here, i have a very limited discretionary fund to work with
@Diabolical__ see that's what was a bit confusing for me ... since i have a "width" issue. 'tried on some 2030s @Barney's & had to size up [from the 2005, ie] to compensate on the width. apparently, the 2005s are a bit more generous up front ... w/c i essentially look for. anyway, if the "Munson" lasted 2045 has same length as the 2005, i should be alright sizing true .... just needed some affirmation
^just did__ thanx!
bumping this question
Just double checking before putting in the order__ Service Boots on 2005 last UK 8 = 8 on 2045?
@Hirsh__ yeah, those are backed with 10+ yrs of dedication. as for Kapital, i bought mine @Blue in Green in SoHo, NYC. incidentally, my collection has drastically changed since that group photo. here's the current list: 45RPM Fujimon W33 5EP x SF W33 Denime 66 circa '98 prod'n W34 Fullcount x BIG x SuFu 1108C W32 Gilded Age 1001 Ltd BC W32 Gilded Age 1008b volcanic dyed W32 IronHeart IH 634S-B W32 Kapital Cisco W32 Momotaro 701 W34 Momotaro...
my feet are @UK G-H or 6-fitting, so i need to size up 1/2 to get the equivalent width on Stow ... if you're on the narrow side, you might have a problem with, either length or volume.
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