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.The 360• stitch has its purpose__ It attaches & secure [the uppers] to the white midsole, w/c is then cemented to the full unit Chrysty sole ... Unlike the usual sole construction, where the midsole + outsole are glued together & stitched upto the bridge [front of heel] & then the heel unit is glued+nailed down.
Bump👊🏼 ... FC still available @ $150 shipped ConUS
Fashion trend is a cycle__ what's old becomes new again ... sometimes w/ just a slight twist, @times a whole image redo.
^ TrueToSize, since shrinkage has been maxed. If you're able to try them on__ w/e snuggest waist size u can button up.
^ How's the wear on the Gloxicuts? Any difference than, eg, white Christys ?!
'Thought 2030, 1035, & 2040 are E :: 2045 & 310= EE !?!?
Never size down on 701. I SU1 & still ended tight @top block down the line.702 is an auto size up.
Would you say [@front] volume is equivalent to a 4444 ?! ... Last shape, aside.
.I don't always wear Engineers, but when i do ...I've always wanted to @least have a pair of Engineers in my stable, but I just wasn't sure I have the steez to "own" it.The Hopper, based on the dotcom design, convinced me to give it a try. What I liked about it is that they're dialed down & does not overwhelm ... like a "starter" boots ... & IMO, unlike most, they're not cowboy/biker-ish, boxy, bulky, nor clunky__ like those high stacked "Woodsman" heels on some...
^ 10yrs in the boot game & I have yet to send a single pair out for a resole. What bothers me about resoling is, the possibility of a botched job. Not that I'm dwelling on the negative__ If I'm paying premium on a pair, I want it to be trouble-free for @least 3yrs of effective wear. Hence, on MTO build, choosing the right sole [for its purpose] is as important as choosing the leather. From experience, I find Goodyear Commando the most durable/long-lasting ... too bad,...
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