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Fixed it😁 ... 'Prefer antique brass [all eyelets] cuz silver is "distracting".'Wish White's can do a Goodyear Commando, tho. Anyway, I'd go for lowered block heels__ with the back of the heels sanded down a bit closer. The tweaked heels make for a more normal gait [similar to the standard heels] ... Aesthetic-wise, looks much nicer & more balanced, IMO👊🏽
More pix added
🎉FC STILL Available !!!🔥💣👍🏼
'Can tell to [prevent] future staining?! ... Masking tape @insideHEM
100s are quite chunky__ used to rock an 8" White's Roughout SmokeJumper👊🏽
^IMO, let the original lug heels run its normal course. When time to re-heel, u got 2 options__ slap a brand new pair of commando lugs OR get a flat washer of your preference > rubber [eg, Cats Paw] vs composite [eg, Vibram 700, Quabaug, etc.] >> taps vs w/o
Not really much of a "talker", but I'm always "subscribed" & enthused to find out what's currently up. 'Don't really care about what others think, but for a boothead like me__ This IS the BEST round ever🙏🏻 Every1's chugging out similar offerings__ Chukka on Cat's Paw ➕ Engineer Chamois 🎯 ... 'just won't find make ups even remotely close to these anywhere else, right now ... not even @Viberg site😎
1stly, stay away from 110/310😕 ... Not even sure Viberg has ANY last w/ narrow heel ... so, might wanna stay away from derbies & chukkas, as well... IMO, if u desperately want to be in the VibergArmy, at least, boots on 2030/1035 w/ lots of eyelets to help secure from slippage.
👀Shaaayt!😱 Both 1 & 2 are fab 🔥💣 ... But, can only spot the Hopper @tm😕
If u don't have any "length" issue sizing down on the 110s, then you're good.
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