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current fit = no alterations ... TG i dint hem
freshly soaked & ready ... taking the Jins on a trip
@tropics__ 702 lot that 1st came out were under-sized [ie, shrunk below tagged], so 'twas an automatic size down ... vs the usual TTS on the 701s. Having a W33 that fitted was an anomaly. I tried to squeeze into a TTS @W33 [cuz I was thinking since denim was fully sanforized], when instinct told me to size up ... dude in Seattle is wearing them now
@castroda__ yeah, from your description, i was afraid of that.don't even try hot soaking ... 702 is not your cut ... just exchange them, man....
unless it's a personal choice, you don't need to be in them to soak as for selective soaking to target-shrink the leg opening, it's an exercise in futility ... shrinkage is constant.
xposting my fits for my 701 SU1 @W34 & 702 @W33. 701s were comfort slim from the getgo & shrunk a bit more after a couple of years after multiple washes. just glad i sized up on them 702s were a bit tight to start with. loved the denim on this, but after the 4th soak i decided i don't want to deal with stretching them out each out each & every wash, down the line ... so, let them go. recently, i just special ordered a pair of 202SP w/c i future-sized @W34, so...
shameless plug: will be putting up @marketplace worn for a week, but decided they're just too big for me & needed to size down Tagged W34 : "BiG-style" :: w= 18, ins= 36.25, fr= 10.5, br= 14.5, u/t= 12.5, kne= 9, leg= 9 [img]
sometimes "ideal" does not mean it's practical. the 202 has a longer back rise ... IMO better cut for your built.
shameless plug: will be putting up 3105 W34 up on the board @marketplace as soon as pix are available ... dint really wanna sell, but i mis-sized
i think there will be leather lining @vamp, as with most [if not all] their service boots
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