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^Thanks🙏🏼 ... You're gonna love these. So glad I took the plunge. Cheers🍻'Really more of a lace-up kinda guy, so the Hopper was a huge leap for me.Out of the box, there was a lot of tugging to get in. For awhile there thought I messed up cuz it's my 1st time to handle boots w/o laces or zips🙄 ... Once I got 1 foot in, I was relieved__ it may take a few wears to soften & stretch the lower shaft [for easier access], but I'm confident now it's going to work🙏🏻'Sized up 1/2...
The Hopper: Styleforum X Viberg Engineer Boots in Tobacco Chamois • 2005 Last • Unstructured Toes • Stitchdown • Cats Paw + Vibram 705
@Jake, ^^ , ^^^ 'Got Stance for light wearing, esp on derbies__ medium weight Smartwool & DARNtough [agree👍🏼darn good] for extra cushion.
Got tracking for the Hopper🤘🏻... Tnx again, FOK🙏🏻 As for the next round, maybe another Engineer or Country Derby in Natty Shinki Horsehide Edit: 🤔💭Make that ANY boots in Natty Shinki__ as long as they're NOT on the 2030
I wouldn't really advise to go have your straights tapered__ personally, I don't mess around w/ the cut, cuz from experience, my jawns get fucked up every time I opt for alteration.Keep what u got, next time, just try out some midrise, slim-tapered__ not skinny!💀
@FOk : 🙄👀Mind blown ... 😱💥🔫 🍻🎉🙏🏻
Teak Allan: SF collab version Looking @them as I do some crotch Sashiko =Sashicrotch on my 710s, I had to repost😬 Now, they're a bit darker & less orangey ... Will snap a few when I get a chance.
.Nothing against S&S, but if U stick w/ the SF GMTO program__ or get on Richard's [ShoeHealer] own collab/MTO, U can get way better deal ... sometimes, even better than walking into the Jermyn shop to get them😬
^Agree. ... but, @xltros, slim taper [w/ some breaks, but no cuffs] is the best way to go__ makes your lower body longer, therefore, U taller. Straight, loose, w/ wider leg opening, especially on double or monster cuffs will make U stumpy. About upper vs lower body proportions, IMO U can tweak it by choosing the appropriate rise. If you're bulky or have long torso, U need to get mid-higher rises__ lowrise will consequently through off the balance & exaggerate the upper...
Fabulaz👌🏼Any quick&dirty shots of the haul? ... Especially theHopper🤓Now, to get my story right, to wifey ... why I'm getting another pair of boots 🙄🤔💭
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