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i was gonna make full payment this morning, but i'm being charged quite a bit more. had to check with you guys i could vaguely remember the agreed upon amount since the MTO has taken too long ... but i mosdef would not have gone for $800+
Tnx ... that's w/ or w/o shipping?
To verify, what was the bottom line cost for the MTO, plz? Been a awhile, I forget
Fab!!! Got my notification as well
"Slim" is subjective, in relation to individual's built. Also, often confused w/ skinny ... e.g., 701/702 are "slim" on me, but not as slim on rail-thin built ... conversely, 201/202 are sorta "comfort-slim" on me, but slimmer on an athletic built dude
Thanx guys! 'Guess they're in for the long haul ... glad I sized up. Felt like they're identical w/the Ciscos. I'll check comparative measurements when I get a chance
as promised__ 202SP SU1 @W34 :: before & after [instinctive ] double hot soaks
@fishtaco, you don't want to risk effing up a raw pair of pbjs by trying to make them work for your built. senior argentino is right, this cut is just not for you. cut your loss & return/exchange/sell & search for the cut that will work for you.
^202SPs are O/W. TTS @W33 were good & tight just right @waist. i have to admit it was a good fit TTS. but, as mentioned, i intended to "future-size" on them. i want them to fit comfy like my Cisco or 811s, instead of slim like the 701/702s or PBJ 007 from experience, denim jeans [in general] tend to have residual shrinkage down the line ... as they're washed more regularly. i want to make sure i get to keep/wear them past 5yrs, at least ... barring unexpected...
actually, the 702 denim has high contrast fade potential, but not in the [usual] way since it has dyed weft, after all. Ataris @pocket edges & creases surface within a couple weeks of wear. ironically, had to let go of mine cuz i loved the denim so much that i want to make sure i'd be able to keep longer. so, i replaced the 702s with a future-sized 202SP. SU1 @W34 ... will post when able
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