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^ 10yrs in the boot game & I have yet to send a single pair out for a resole. What bothers me about resoling is, the possibility of a botched job. Not that I'm dwelling on the negative__ If I'm paying premium on a pair, I want it to be trouble-free for @least 3yrs of effective wear. Hence, on MTO build, choosing the right sole [for its purpose] is as important as choosing the leather. From experience, I find Goodyear Commando the most durable/long-lasting ... too bad,...
Tobacco Chamois on Vibram 702 half-soles + CP heels.
💭Very close to my idea of an [ultimate] SD build ... Except, I'd prefer SD last, red lining, unstructured [plain] toes, brown 702 w/ the half-slips, close trim, all antique eyelets, Brown Bison backstays, block heels__ don't particularly like the std [Cuban] heels aesthetic, but I do like the old Viberg Service boots w/ just slight taper to the bottom. So, I'll just have them sanded down by my trusted cobbler🤓I'm just waiting for my Viberg Hopper delivery before I...
The Hopper, right?!That's great news👊🏼 ... Cheers!
^ v vv vvvTho I mentioned, 201 has more legroom [compared to 701] the cut is still on the slim side ... also, to reiterate, "Vintage" label denim has residual shrinkage, once you start washing__ so, denim will shrink further @waist__ I'd trust BiG's advise on that
Oh, what I failed to mention, w/c @Bootspell so eloquently brought out__ is that, though there are some evo nuances, I'd pick & stick to a version ... & wait out for the next "wave".
It'd seem like__ looking @CXL new&undefiled, then 💭fast forward >> as they darken from wear + exposure to the elements ... But they don't. Each will go through slightly different evo route, since the leathers went under different processes.CCP will have a darker, more solid/opaque base than the CXL __w:c may appear to darken from wear & patination [on the surface], but natural leather shows through, like backlight ... kind of. 'Effect adds dimension to its look. ...
^ SemiDress EE on a Swing last is like 1/2 size bigger compared to an EE on a std SD last. So, are you saying you're good, width-wise, @8.5EE on Swing !? Meaning, you're hitting the sweet spot ?! Then, u should stay @8.5 on the SJs, IMO For me, I find the need to size down on the width & 1/2 on the length [from std SD last] for the Swing last.
Nice "party" @back👊🏼Actually, did that on HH w/ Bison backstay & caps. This time, I'm planning on an SD DressBrown countered w/ Natty CXL backstay .... On the 700s, 1/4 lowered blocked heels, close trim, no celastic, all antique eyelets.
^ True😕 ... But, we managed to white-knuckle the Hopper through, dint we ?! Edit: Since I don't have the Scout in my stable, I'm eager to score a pair, this time ... or maybe a Country Derby__ depending on the leather & color that will be available. Hopefully, on a 2045 or 110, even a 310, if push comes to shove.
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