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@mdubs__ check w/Richard 1st if he has extra pairs made on the MTO. Also, this was organized around Aug/Sep last year & maybe some peeps pulled out their orders cuz it took awhile to properly get them done
Buying shoes/boots @forum group buys is same as getting into RAW denim culture. It may not be feasible/practical for most, but [this] is more of an enthusiast/hobbyist sorta thing. It's either you get it or you don't. Hence, they're always limited run, cuz only a few are willing to roll the dice
@Duck__ Steel gets away w/the size down cuz he's got medium-narrow width, but if you walk on the wide-side [E's], like i do, it's Trubalance = 2040/2005 ... & 2030 is out.
check the measurements on the size charts for comparison.if you're looking for skinny, it's none of those 4 models you mentioned. As for BOM002, dimensions have "skinny" possibility ... depending on your body type.the "tight" 701s & G007s are [actually] slim-straights [check fit pix above for 701s], while the "slim" G004/014 have higher rises & roomier thighs with slight tapering from knee to hem. Meaning, they may not be slim @all.as already mentioned, these cuts are...
Consensus is going w/ your Barrie size for d-width
^IMO, on 4497 super last = UK 7 fitting 6 = UK 7.5 fitting 5
tnx,guys! .... really worth the long wait.
found these outside the door this morning:
'been constantly pm'ed regarding why i have been sizing up when partially/fully sanforized denim does not shrink much, if at all .... so here's a comprehensive fit pix from right after initial double soak to current status [ie, 3yrs+ down the line = multiple washes]
Samurai Jin s0110xj
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