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.Size up on the width, instead__ fitting 6, like on Malton & Grasmere ... Stow is only fitting 5.I think 4444 is also available in 6, but I haven't tried personally yet.
VIBERG ArmyTan Latigo Derbyshoes
Update: Momo 701
^ What are your "current" jeans. Momo "Vintage" denim shrinks eventho partially sanforized ... & doesn't stretch much, as u prolly gathered from reading through this thread. I sized up on the 701.
.... Or have the lower shaft stretched by your local cobbler.
^^^ Quite a few Engineer boot options out there for every1's taste & style. However, IMO, 2005 looks best w/ lower toe volume & profile ... Agree w/ FOK, if ever, partial @the most. Have been on the hunt for years on a build that can work on me ... Or at least, convince myself that'll work for me. Other than the Hopper, the only pair I've seriously considered ever__ RoadChamps, w/c tho' different in construction, are very similar in aesthetic/style/sensibility, I...
🎯 Exactly!What would I do if i was Mr. Viberg?I'd keep pushing the new stuff. As for demands for the stitchdown, let the "stocklist" peeps take on & consolidate the orders & then we'll make them ... Why compete w/ shops that're selling my stuff?!Don't know the overwhelming perception @forums like SF, that Viberg is illogically decreasing stitchdown production cuz they really aren't ... They're just not selling them directly ... & if there's ever any demand that the...
.Mini ripple, cobbler will just peel off the outermost sole (ripples) & glue the mini ripple replacement.If replacing w/ like, Vibram 2021 or Gloxicut, the whole rubber sole units have to be lopped off, up to the white midsole [w/c are sewn to the Stitchdown leather midsole]__ then the 2021 or Gloxicut full soles are cemented to the midsoles = @round $80 to replace.If u want the outer soles (eg, Dainite, Vibram 700, GY Commando, Dr. Sole Cords, etc.) stitched to the...
👆🏼Right, unstructured low volume/profile toeboxes make for collapsed wrinkly scuffed toes ... evo is so sexy & nonchalant😎
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