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'Aight! As it turns out, the [brown] service boots are Ebony Latigo on 1035. Have not handled any, IRL ... So, please advise if I'm wrong. With regards to the eyelets, I think they're "acceptably" spaced apart. There's this bottom 1st & 2nd eyelets [*2nd photo] that're set slightly closer, but no one's going to bother looking that close & from that angle ... invisible, once boots get creases & scratches from wear.
Hey! Thnx🙏🏻 ... 2045 had been elusive ... maybe next year.'Seen a couple of familiar faces, like xchen [fromSuFu], but I usually keep to myself. I only recognize peeps from their loots. So, which dude were u?
VibergSampleSale Friday Haul: •ALL stitchdowns •110 = 1 Chukka •1035 = 2 Service Boots + 1 Derby Shoes Nothing fancy really, 'cept for the 1035 Black Pit Tanned Bison Service Boots, w/c were freakin' fabulous , IMO. Set versus the black leather sofa__ visible complex hues brought out by the afternoon light from the living room window just convinced me they're my new bbf 'Fortunate to have handled Bison leather before, but not @same level of quality. Had a short...
So, you're the dude who snagged that 2045 stitchdown Boons on Dr.Sole Cords. Congrats 👊🏽Agree w/trying on for size. The build & kind of leather play a big factor. My 1035 Latigo Derbies were spot on @size8, but the 1035 Latigo Service boots version I tried felt more snug/narrower & had to size up 1/2.The Black Bison had awesome texture__ got some heft to it__ thicker than CXL. Again, 8 would've fit if they were 2045 or 110 & not 1035🙄
^Thnx🙏🏻 1108C = FC X SuFu X BiG 2009 contest pair ... my pride&joy🤘🏼
^Vibergs, I always have to take off @TSA pre✔️, due to the imbedded metal shanks ... So, if I plan on breezing thru airport security, I take my Trickers, instead 😎
✈️Flew out to LosAngeles, Sat to visit mom: ... & back on track
^ If u got some room left at the tip, Hopper 11.5 on partially structured toe might work__ since the shape/contour of the toe wall will be held in place by the "ping-pong" material ... tough call😬
^ All good
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