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'Tis The Season__ heavies are back out for F/W 2014 :: IH 634B-O/D 21oz :: Samurai 710XX +5000ai-10sp +0110xj
'Know Triple Denim CandianTux has been done to death, but it's 42•F outside ... mosdef a triple denim day Momo Jacket Evisu Denim Shirt Skull 5010xx Texas Cottom Tricker's Allan Teak Cordo
MomoTUX 202SP MJ2103 Viberg Loden Green 2005 J.Lindeberg Grey Chambray ChromeHearts TNUC-Tokyo Tortoise
1/4 lowered, but had the heels sanded down to a slight taper__ much less than the std heel
SD HH on 705
IMO, Scout x Bison = Perfect Harmony 👌
E as in wide.Yeah, I wear mostly denim ... Like these
Tnx!'Walk on the E-side, so can't do sleek + I'm really more into casual classic/heritage stuff.Btw, they're Allan Superboots__ on the 4497 country last like the Stows.
Tnx much peeps! Loooong wait on this batch ... but mosdef worth the wait. Really, really glad Richard took me in, eventho I was past cut off.
Styleforum x Tricker's Allan MTO in Teak Cordo: around 5mos of light wear
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