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Viberg Sample Sale @NYC: 'Tho best make-ups [on my size] were mostly gone by closing time, Friday, i was fortunate to snag a 2-tone Country Derby Brown Waxed Flesh__CommandoSole on an old "mountain last", as per Brett Swung by again Sunday & came away w/ Derby Shoe English Tan Latigo__ 1035 last on Dainite & some quirky olive-greenish Bison Boot:__ 110?? on white Vibram Silvato, like Christys***WARNING!!! Steeze not for every1:) Pardon the iPhone pix. Will get decent...
It'll be an exercise in futility to even suggest @this point in time, as I'm jonesing to score a pair ... or 2 @upcoming sample sale here in NYC. But, push comes to shove, I still hanker for a Scout or Trench make-up in 110 x commando .... something in leather with a bit of texture.
XX007 @7y/o= around 20mos effective wear Taken outside ***indirect light= in the shades Taken inside= available light
Uniqlo x PBJ xx007 x Viberg
All about the leather patch evo + raised loops&edges 45RPM Fujimon, Nora x Charcoal, natural indigo, Suvin cotton Momotaro 701 PBJ XX007 Skull 5010XX, Texas cotton
'Slight drop in temp @NYC_ pockets galore today. Post O'All__ Navy Wool Engineer Jacket Woolrich__ Chambray shirt Kapital Cisco EFFECTOR x Vanquish Equus__ Russet Oak Bark Bridle belt Viberg__ Loden Green boots Atelier De L'Armee__ Swiss Army Camo
SG-1105 x Joe McCoy twisted chambray
^👌Fit is fine. Denim will shrink a bit more after a couple of washes.
8.5 should be good for thicker socks_ if needed, insoles on thin socks. If length is good on the 8.5 SDs, Viberg 8 might be too short. I'm US8E on Indy & SD; UK8 on Viiberg 110 & Trickers ALLAN & Stow; UK8.5 on Viberg 2005 [boot last] & Dayton Driver.
Dint wanna [waist] the opportunity to show off my Equus AusNut English Bridle
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