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310 is EE like 110, w/ roomier toes due to the higher toe profile.
IndigoCrush : 6" Scout PT/SD in CrustCXL :: Vat dyed in natural indigo Street Version: • 1035 last • partially structured toe • black contrast stitching all around, including sole • stacked leather midsole X black mini ripples .... [or black Gloxicut] Work Version: • 2045 • structured toe • black contrast stitching all around, including outsole • Commando or double leather w/ composite topy • Vibram 700 or Quabaug heel w/a "Viberg taper" ... like that on the Hopper
High density leather like camelhide doesn't stretch that much__ CXL, however, is known to stretch quite a bit.
Right now the lower shafts [above the ankle] are still a tad snug to slip in & out of, so I got the strap setting on loose to stretch the leather out a bit.
Hopper I
The Chelseas are on a new last, similar to 2030, so I'm OUT ... due to fEEt config.Country derby or Trench would be fab on commando soles__ for a rugged [country] aesthetic .... fingers crossed for some camelhides &/or special tannage👊🏼
•Hopper was fab👌🏼 ... the Inside-Out is a bit too trendy/faddish w/c is really not their niche ... well, not yet.Aside from camel leather, I'd be down for horsehide or w/e on some fancy tannage__ like the Pit Tanned Bison, w/c undergone the same tanning process as their shell cordovan.
^Does it really need to be "something way out there" ?! IMO, getting a leg up utilizing rare leathers X (tastefully) tweaked out classic models = pretty unique + awesome as it is, IMO
Chelsea in non-black Camel hide👍🏼
^Sugarcane, Okinawa Grey
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