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^Vibergs, I always have to take off @TSA pre✔️, due to the imbedded metal shanks ... So, if I plan on breezing thru airport security, I take my Trickers, instead 😎
✈️Flew out to LosAngeles, Sat to visit mom: ... & back on track
^ If u got some room left at the tip, Hopper 11.5 on partially structured toe might work__ since the shape/contour of the toe wall will be held in place by the "ping-pong" material ... tough call😬
^ All good
@Broark: As per SuFu advise__ 1/2 size up from your Indy, if your fit is spot on, but don't have much toe room left on the Indy ... ie, 2005= 12 to compensate on the shorter lenght of the 2005 last.
Really hard to do right when leather hasn't fully broken in yet cuz there's still potential stretch.U can't expect same snug feel when fastened, versus the laced ones__ even when the boots are securely strapped in ... & sized right.It's just got a totally different feel to it ... but it's too loose, u can always add another hole to the strap ... But, IMO, the most critical is sizing the length right.
•Exactly 🤔If your 2030 @8.5 fits you perfectly, you're on the narrow side of E, w/c means u need to go up 1/2 to 9 on the 2005 to compensate on the length.Viberg sizes: Latigo Derby 1035= 8Bison Moctoe Chukka 110= 8Loden Green Service boots 2005= 8 w/c were initially a bit snug ... So, I sized up 1/2 to 8.5 on the Hopper, in anticipation ... since I'm not familiar w/ the engineer boots construction.Glad & happy it turned out well.
.IMO, sizing depends on what width u take.@dekalog, seems you're on the wide side of E, since you're able to downsize from 2030 ... Therefore, u should take same size as your 2030.2030 is too narrow for me. As from 1035 & 110, I sized up 1/2 for the Hopper.
.Size up on the width, instead__ fitting 6, like on Malton & Grasmere ... Stow is only fitting 5.I think 4444 is also available in 6, but I haven't tried personally yet.
VIBERG ArmyTan Latigo Derbyshoes
New Posts  All Forums: