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SD HH x Bison: current heel shapeProposed Viberg heelsyou can always have the block heels sanded down by your local cobbler. quite simple & straightforward adjustment, imo
yeah, i see what you mean.'got the lowered block heels on my SD HH, but i did have a plan b.i find White's Cuban too severe, so plan was to get them tapered like the Viberg's once i re-heel.
it's my thing 'got underscore even on my paypal account dudes, either simply ignore it or block my posts __ if it's complicating your lives been called out a couple of times in the forum for it all the more i won't stop just cuz peeps are annoyed
i was particularly referring to the aesthetics of lowered heels on blocked vs standard [cuban].as for your concerns, sometimes style does not agree with function, so you're better off looking for other brands/style that will satisfy [both] criteria.
honestly, dint really have an inkling what to get__ 'ended up using "Liquitex" [heavy body]2 coats, let dry, press iron [@medium setting]_ if you want a smooth finish... or 3 -4 coats, let dry, no heat_ if you want a "cracked" finish when worn in.
with all the options available today, things can get confusing.IMO, 1/4 lowered block heels looks good on single leather soles.anything thicker__ standard heels seemed more proper.
tnx! nothing fancy__ JCrew from 2yrs ago.
oh, they're soft & comfy & keep me warm. @rascal__ W34 Lot# 9 : w=34, ins= 32.5, f/r= 11, b/s= 14.5, u/t= 12.75, kn= 8.5, l/o= 7.5 around 3.5 y/o = approx 20 mos effective wear 'been machine drying them after 1st yr & 2 washes.
nope, they're DIY. 'got them with blank pockets__ the black acrylic stripes were rendered later on.
Yamato 001JP : 4th wash
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