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Samurai JIN 0110XJ 190z :: initial double soak, worn 2 weeks, then another warm soak before putting away.
EQUUS Garrison Bridle Belts
EQUUS Garrison Bridle Belts
^actually, my soft-toe SJ rough-outs are stock. btw, maybe our resident leather care experts here can advise on how to condition rough-outs. i'd like to strip the "dubbing" off, w/c it had for the past 2 winters.
S/S '13 Rotation: Main: Kapital Cisco, Samurai Blue Shadow, Samurai JINs [entry for HWDC]. ... & the rest will be alternates.
@Grendel, fab pair! do they have the half-slip? it'd be great if u can do a close-up side profile photo of the heel +sole when u get a chance? tnx.
ChromeHearts T-NUC TT [Tokyo Tortoise]
minus the paypal fee & shipping ... not really worth the time, imo. now if he's got a dozen pairs ....
just put in an order to Charlie of EQUUS for this: lenght= 35" :: [ie, from base to middle hole] :: width= 1.5" color= Sedgwick black buckle= brass garrison 2-pronged "satin" finish holes= 5-hole
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