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current fit of my FC 1108C
Momo 701+Uniqlo+Equus+TG+Unlucky+Viberg
took awhile to get around it, but .... 45RPM Fujimon TTS @W33 [0105 cut]
tnx. yeah, i'm flying to YVR in July, so i might swing by Victoria.'thought i'd ask around for turn-around & ballpark cost for resole, in advance
aah, okey.... NYC
@EastWest_ do you accept re-soling/resizing orders? if yes, 'ball park on the cost, plz? tnx in advance.
.'got the Viberg soft-toe semi-brogue on 2005 last & the SD HH x Bison TC+backstay on swing last w/celastic .... not for every1, i know, but i like the assortment + it serves a purpose for me.IMO, for the toe-capped build up to work w/o celastic, the toe box has to be narrower & lower profiled.
can't wait for pix.do they take repair order [ie, re-sole] @store or do you need to arrange thru mail?
Viberg Service Boot, Loden Green, Brogue Toe Cap, 8 Eyelets, Commando Sole, No box Toe, 2005 Last out-of-the-box the leather looked parched & dull. ​ .... so i gave it a "lift". initially cleaned them w/Lexol leather cleaner, then 1st coat, Lexol conditioner ​ drying out after the 2nd coat, Sedgwick leather conditioner ​ ​ 2 days after treatment has sipped in & dry to touch. 'topped it off with a 3rd coat, Obenauf LP. i know some will disagee w/the...
i'd grab them right this minute ... if only i'm able to part with my 702 W33. i sized down on them to get slimmer fit. i mean, they still fit, but 'been wearing more comfy jeans as of late & don't really relish squeezing into my 702s
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