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its really your call ... If you're not happy w/ the fit anymore, then by all means take advantage of the buyback 👊
^@14mos= 5mos effective wear= 3 hot soaks__ no wash
WAYWT: Combs all around WxExY x Momo Type2
^fab fadez__ nice job👊
Waiting for the Bison version ...
IIRC 2005 is a boot last, so rarely you'll find it on lace up boots.However, my [sample] Loden Greens happen to be on the 2005__ sizing= Viberg TTS & width is a tad wider than 2030.
Had same thing happen to my Black Indy on neoprene soles ... but, not til after 3.5yrs of [3day/week] wear, since I wear them @workAside from having less grip [on icy conditions]__ exposed bottom stitches is exactly why I stay away from Dainite on my beater boots. Premature sole separation will never happen to my Viberg Loden Greens & Trickers Maltons cuz bottom stitches are receded.Taken @12mos in [boot rotation]= 4mos effective wear. Even now, @3yrs+__ soles are wearing...
Possibly nterested: @4444 last @longwings @burgundy burnished or oxblood @edge binding @coloured lining [/quote]
Tnx for the quick reply. Item is domestic or outside US? What's the material on the bag? 'Have to wait til Friday to decide, if u don't mind__ cheers!
^just be careful not to nuke the leather patch when hot-soaking. Initially, I'd keep the patch above water [while scalding hot], then submerge entirely once water cools down to a tepid.
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