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[Ai] Blues Bros. Samurai 5000AI-10SP [Ai x Bamboo Ink dyed weft] Vs 45RPM Fujimon Nora x Charcoal [Ai warp x natural charcoal dyed weft]
con't: raised belt loops & back pocket edges + black-coated rivets
Fujimon - Nora x Charcoal O/W [10th Anniversary: r by 45RPM]:: TTS @W33 :: the cut silhouette is comparable to cut/model 1953, eg, Fullcount 0105 with a mid-rise. Fujimon utilized hand-picked Suvin; an extra long staple cotton known to be the finest in the world. Naturally dyed in Aizome followed by the addition of a natural charcoal dye. It has an increased bumpy and handmade texture made by working the shuttle loom even slower than with the new Jomon. Current...
aside from both denim being slubby, they have totally different evo route. 'really depends on what you expect [& not expect] on your next denim pair to be. establish your criteria, 1st. then, search the threads for photos for comparison. ... or vice-versa. words just wont suffice to describe.
so, why have a 2nd leather option [brown smooth] i you're not using it anyway?
any news about 702 in LHT?
SD HH x Bison: current heel shapeProposed Viberg heelsyou can always have the block heels sanded down by your local cobbler. quite simple & straightforward adjustment, imo
yeah, i see what you mean.'got the lowered block heels on my SD HH, but i did have a plan b.i find White's Cuban too severe, so plan was to get them tapered like the Viberg's once i re-heel.
it's my thing 'got underscore even on my paypal account dudes, either simply ignore it or block my posts __ if it's complicating your lives been called out a couple of times in the forum for it all the more i won't stop just cuz peeps are annoyed
i was particularly referring to the aesthetics of lowered heels on blocked vs standard [cuban].as for your concerns, sometimes style does not agree with function, so you're better off looking for other brands/style that will satisfy [both] criteria.
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