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@DuckOB: 🙏🏻Tnx, nice to know ... Enjoy the derby!Sleekier !? Really !?IRL, stitchdown has bigger footprint than GYW.
SD 101 @5y/o+ ... [perpetually] work in progress ... Sorry for the iPhone quality😕
#CurrentSituation: Still waiting for the right foot to heal properly ..... So, I can road-test these English Tan Latigo Derby :: 1035 :: Partially structured toes :: Flat natural GYW :: Dainite
^ I use "Superfeet" half-insoles on [some] of my boots w/ heel &/or arch issues. That way, it does not impact the forefoot/vamp.I have Malton & Allan on 4497. I went TTS__ 4497=110
@FOK: 'Got the PayPal adjustment, tnx🙏🏻
@MM: IIRC spoon is for shell, w/c butt, is not. Wabi-sabi__ just wear 'em👊🏼 They shouldn't need conditioning at all ... not for awhile. Wipe w/ slightly damp cloth to clean. If you apply oil/conditioner right now, leather will darken up. Unless, that's your aim.
^^ True. True. Shell, you're not jst paying for rarity, but also for the "finish". The Context Butt, however, is like harvesting fruits before they ripe__ less material [investment/cost] + less spoilage. Just cuz the membrane [w/ potential for shell] was left in, does not mean you're actually getting shell ... with all its most sought-after features & properties. What it was, was a good marketing ploy to get peeps interested enough to start talking ... & jonesing. ...
^ Toes look structured__ that +GYW account for the seemingly extra bulk__ vs an unstructured stitch down, IMO.
HorseButt, it is !!! I've handled Horween HH__ Any1 knows how it differs from HB ?
Okey, visually, a thick CXL may look larger than__ say an Italian Calf leather of same size & make up & last, but INSIDE measurement/volume/proportion/config will always be constant__ stretch potential is the only factor that might be of some consideration.So, we're back to previous question__ are u E or EE ... & in which brand/make ? U have Alden, Trickers, Whites, Redwing, etc? Anything to establish a comparison base.
New Posts  All Forums: