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Length 1035=110Width: 1035=E 110=EEHence, 110 has more toe space👌🏼
Jacket Continued:MJ2103 14.7oz O/W CopperLabel Denim1st [real] wash @2yrs of light wear:FIT Evo: Momo MJ2103
Denim Jacket Edition: Fall Anticipation: StudioDArtisan XXXJ-2 Type1 15oz Natural Indigo Dyed, Dry Deadstock Momotaro MJ2103 Type2 O/W 14.7oz "Copper Label" Denim Last snaps before the soak: ***fit pix to follow
Yeah, flat welt is what I meant__ that's the one I got on the Derbies
@DuckOB: 🙏🏻Tnx, nice to know ... Enjoy the derby!Sleekier !? Really !?IRL, stitchdown has bigger footprint than GYW.
SD 101 @5y/o+ ... [perpetually] work in progress ... Sorry for the iPhone quality😕
#CurrentSituation: Still waiting for the right foot to heal properly ..... So, I can road-test these English Tan Latigo Derby :: 1035 :: Partially structured toes :: Flat natural GYW :: Dainite
^ I use "Superfeet" half-insoles on [some] of my boots w/ heel &/or arch issues. That way, it does not impact the forefoot/vamp.I have Malton & Allan on 4497. I went TTS__ 4497=110
@FOK: 'Got the PayPal adjustment, tnx🙏🏻
@MM: IIRC spoon is for shell, w/c butt, is not. Wabi-sabi__ just wear 'em👊🏼 They shouldn't need conditioning at all ... not for awhile. Wipe w/ slightly damp cloth to clean. If you apply oil/conditioner right now, leather will darken up. Unless, that's your aim.
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