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S/S '13 Rotation: Main: Kapital Cisco, Samurai Blue Shadow, Samurai JINs [entry for HWDC]. ... & the rest will be alternates.
@Grendel, fab pair! do they have the half-slip? it'd be great if u can do a close-up side profile photo of the heel +sole when u get a chance? tnx.
ChromeHearts T-NUC TT [Tokyo Tortoise]
minus the paypal fee & shipping ... not really worth the time, imo. now if he's got a dozen pairs ....
just put in an order to Charlie of EQUUS for this: lenght= 35" :: [ie, from base to middle hole] :: width= 1.5" color= Sedgwick black buckle= brass garrison 2-pronged "satin" finish holes= 5-hole
^were you asking about the boots? they're White's MTO SemiDress in brown Horsehide x brown Bison toecaps + backstays ... tnx for asking. @Argentino, it's @Palau Royal Resort, Palau Republic.
Kapital "Cisco" Another "accidental" sea-soak
hey, Charlie! i was in that BAKERS OAK BARK TANNED BELT limited run 1.5 yrs ago. my russet belt is aging fabulously, btw ... LUV it ! anyway, 'been hunting for some black bridle leather belt on 2-pronged brass garrison buckle. 'thought you did a SF run sometime ago on a natural [russet?] bridle, but couldn't seem to find the photo posting. are you able to make it possible? how much would it set me back? here's exactly what i'm looking for:
don't waste your time & money. definitely too big. sizing the 301s is tricky. you need to size them just right, otherwise they''re either too tight or too loose. in my experience, it's an auto size down 1. but, peeps on the more lean side.can SD2.
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