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^Dainite x dovetail heels?!
^ 'Got same heel slip issue on the 110 cuz I'm prolly E-EE up front & C-D @heel. So, it depends on the built__ I'm good on lace up service boots, but does not work for me on chukkas, engineers, & derby shoes.
'Just sharing my limited experience re: Sizing& Choosing Appropriate Last:• From a denimhead point of view, I find the 1035 & 2005 lasts as the "Midrise Slim" in the Viberg Lastdom__ they're the middle ground, the confluence of widths, IMO.• 2005 is an [esthetic] alternative for peeps who can't fit a 2030. **If you walk on the wide side, TTS for partially & fully structured; SU 1/2 for unstructured__ cuz leather will collapse to shape of feet @post break in.• Any type of...
These are swing last__ w/c has lower profile than 461
^^U need a photo from the top. You're looking from a wrong angle. If you can have FR & BH side by side, you can compare the shape of the lasts [from top view]. Swing last is curvier from the widest part of the last upto the tip__ w/c makes the shape of the toe rounder than FR/BH/SD/SJ Edit: Come to thinking it, i've yet to see a Swing on SJ uppers
Viberg TTS for 2005__ boot last is low in profile, similar to 2030, but more forgiving. I've tried 2030 a few times on different leathers x soles make up [eg, @Barney's, Leffot, NYC Sample Sale], but sadly they just do not fit me. 2005s were actually my very 1st service boots__ & just recently, added 2030 derby, same size.
^🙏🏻Tnx, they're STANCE ... they some interesting designs ... the hand-dyed indigos are my fave.
Quite frankly, 'not sure if I can actually pull off this somewhat retro vibe @1st glance, but I really liked the uniqueness of the make up & noticed how well they were made__ upon close inspection. Chances of snagging a pair of service boots make up that appeal to me will always be out there, but [these] will never be made, ever. As mentioned in initial post, 'particular steeze is not for every1 ... seems to go well w/ more repro cuts, IMO ... will post waywt when able😏
Fit photo of my most unVIBERG-like 1 of a kind 'bergs from the NYC Sample Sale.
👊🏽Gracias EA🙏🏻
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