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Never size down on Momo__ sanforized or partially sanforized. Denim has residual shrinkage beyond 4th wash ... Unless u don't plan to wash at all.From experience, 701= SU1 :: 702= SU2 :: 201/202= TTS
^. ^^ Yeah, why not!? Organizing a next level project, like this GMTO, is quite challenging. Not any1 can do this successfully. U have to have the acumen__ [power of persuasion] & specific set of skills ... to conjure sh*t up out of [digital] thin air & making them appear [not so] magically. [That] can be quite a "pull". Imagine the exhilaration ... IMO, scaled up & streamlined, it can be a feasible business model👍🏼
^True, Paws are pure rubber, 705s are composites__ waaay more durable, agree. For this GMTO the heel is really a non-issue for me. Here's my LoneWolf Wireman w/ all original PAW unit still intact. Taps installed to stretch utility__ once the taps wear out on these, they will be going commando = white balls out😬 ... & once it's time to re-heel, I'm switching to either Quabaug or 705👊🏽 The sole, however, PAWs add to the boots' uniqueness__ it's an MTO, so why not go ALL...
'Saw those__ 👊🏽Congrats! U should post some photos once u get them👌🏽
Tanned Buffalo, interesting💭 ... Haven't seen one ... Not Bison, right?!
Between the 2, then 4444, IMO
I'm E-EE, depending on brand/last. That said, yes, I'm same size on 2030 = 2005 = 4497 5-fitting. As for 4444, there's a tad more toe room vs 4497, so some peeps size down 1/2. But, i do TTS__ tho I can size down 1/2, but on a 6-fitting. Again, depends on your feet config.
In principle, I agree with FOK on the 700s. IMO, It'll make the boots heavier & clunkier. Half-sole makes a world of difference__ functionality wise, as well as aesthetically. It's the way to go !!!
No. I think the 2030 is more round @tip.Here's a Trickers 4497 Allan + Malton vs Viberg 1035 Derby + 2005 Service boots comparison:
^^@Engineers 👍🏼👍🏼 Right on! That's all I needed to know ... Sometimes all one needs is to be reassured👊🏽 In fairness, the Hopper went through swiftly & painlessly cuz [most] every1 knows exactly what they're getting ... ie, Engineers on Cats Paw same as on Viberg site, except on Chamois. It's nobody's fault that the "sole" issue came up after decisions were made. For some, sole may not be an issue, but for some it might be an integral part of a their "vision. Anyway,...
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