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^I know there's quite a few peeps here that will take extreme measures to avoid vamp crease. But, I particularly love the 'Nose Wrinkle'👊🏽 on an unstructured toe [ie, from a more sleeker last]__ 'gives the boot character & the appearance of comfort nonchalance, IMHO😏
^^^On pull tabs, I, either, wear my jeans double/monster cuffed on narrower hems__ on +8" openings, no prob.
👊🏽Agree on "... different purpose" , from a non-industrial [worker], more fashion vernacular. Hence, the boots collection for every ocasion😬.The photo comparison is for those on the fence w/c route to take__ aesthetic or function ... form or substance.Btw, the lug heels can be switched out to a block, sorta casual hybrid ... & don't tell me the block heel looks odd w/ the indented lug sole__ unless you're seating cross legged, nobody looks @ground eye level.The Maltons are...
^Yes, tnx🙏🏻 ... from SFxShoeHealer 2013 GMTO
^Tnx👍🏼 Mosdef take that into consideration🙏🏻
All these talk about re-soling prodded me to snap a couple of shots of my commandos. Reason why I don't think much about [it] ... Trickers Matrons= 5yrs; Vibergs= 2yrs & unworn [from the NYC sample sale] :: Maltons need a re-heel & Loden Green boots re-heeled last week__ both commando sole stitches holding out valiantly ... not even a single stitch breakage😎 RedBrick Dainite on Trickers Allan @1yr= approx no more than 3mos of wear__ stitches @sides & tips already...
Don't do leather soles ... Can't fit a 2030 ... Dug the Unicorn ... Unicorn on a pair of Trench?!= 🎯 ... but what to do😕 'More of a lace-up type of boothead cuz I'd like to be [batten down &] secured down there, but the Hopper= pure sex. Aching for a Trench, but push comes to shove, 'might consider the Hopper. Btw, how is the thickness/density of the chamois compared to the Viberg cxl?
Agree👊🏽, SD 1/2 for peeps from narrow to medium width ... eg, 2030, Barrie, etc.But, if you're on the wide side, E-EE, peeps have to go the other way.TTS to SU 1/2 on unstructured 2005__ post break in, the toes will collapse & take on the shape of your feet = extra material to flex on the vamp [if needed].
'Pondered about that for my 1st resole__ IMO, GYW conversion [using new welt] should make for much cleaner finish🎯As for integrity for succeeding resoles ... 'really depends on how well the 1st re-sole job was done on the boots
^'Different shape of the lasts might've also been a factor why the original stitch track was not followed
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