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wasn't feeling the wide-straddled back pockets, so i re-positioned them. IMO, the 1" diagonal tweak towards the center made quite an impact on the aesthetic fit. before & after:
SD Horsehide x Bison @1yr
hey Charlie! got question regarding my russet Baker's Oak belt. what can i do to condition the backside of the belt? i would like it to have similar finish as the black Sedgwick bridle belt i got from you. tnx in advance.
@Teeka_ here's a xpost of my SD HH x Bison [toecaps + backsatays]:here's "Western" sole on block & tapered heels ***below pix were borrowed from various forums & are not mine"here's an xpost of the mini lugs. i'm thinking of this option when i re-sole my SD HH x Bison.
agree. 269 [aka "western" sole] has lower profile & not much grip. ideal for urban use. careful with sizing on the swing last. my experience is, you size down 1 on the width [ie, if you're normally 8.5E, need to go down to 8.5D].
ginseng was right about sizing looser.the fat comb creasing made that quite obvious. if they were a tighter fit, the combs would've been more horizontal & thinner. also explains why he was able to put anything at all in the front pocket.
Samurai JIN 0110XJ 190z :: initial double soak, worn 2 weeks, then another warm soak before putting away.
EQUUS Garrison Bridle Belts
EQUUS Garrison Bridle Belts
^actually, my soft-toe SJ rough-outs are stock. btw, maybe our resident leather care experts here can advise on how to condition rough-outs. i'd like to strip the "dubbing" off, w/c it had for the past 2 winters.
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