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***shameless plug ... getting rid of the spare 007s__ new-ish pair will be up @marketplace once i get the measurements done__ both are tagged W33
@Mariol, tnx! . . . KAPITAL Cisco O/W @1yr = approx 6mos of light [lifestyle] wear :: multiple soaks, no wash since worn :: sched 1st wash @end of summer . Now: . . . . macros taken a few mos ago:
Momo 701+Uniqlo+Equus+TG+Unlucky+Viberg
Fullcount 1108C
NOW! FC 1108C
current fit of my FC 1108C
Momo 701+Uniqlo+Equus+TG+Unlucky+Viberg
took awhile to get around it, but .... 45RPM Fujimon TTS @W33 [0105 cut]
tnx. yeah, i'm flying to YVR in July, so i might swing by Victoria.'thought i'd ask around for turn-around & ballpark cost for resole, in advance
aah, okey.... NYC
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