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the Heavies: F/W '13 Rotation Sam 0110xj, Sam 5000ai-10sp, Sam710xx, IH 634S-B O/D
these done/delivered?! ...haven't seen [prolly missed ] a pair posted yet
^^caveat on CWP statement ... ie, if your Alden is medium width. if you're E's, like i do on Alden Indy, you need to SU 1/2 on 2030 to account for the width ... or get another last. btw, on the 2005, i sized the same as my Indy. imo. it's a similar profile to 2030, but more forgiving up front.
Xposting from SuFu: the BRASS Section
"usually", not always 'reason i said that cuz most of White's CXLs are lined ... however, some [like Ice Mocha], are on the heavier range, so no need for lining.Xposting some junk from IH forum:
Yeah, CXL usually needs lining. The loden is thick enough that it does not need/have one ... 'cept @vamp, of course
39, damn! how tall are you?! ... tho you may [still] need a hem once denim settles a bit.
Loden Green Service Boots 2005 Last: not much changed really ... they're rotating with my other boots ***trees engaged
was in a hurry this morning, so i just dumped the reference photos. here's the mash-up:
A) Tan Bison Scout boot Leather: tan bison Model: Scout boot Last: 110 Toecap: none, unstructured toe Sole: Double leather sole , natural Eyelets: 7 antique brass eyelets Tan Bison: if seems there's not enough peeps who voted for the Tan Bison Scout who ACTUALLY put in the order. it'd be a shame to waste the opportunity to acquire a fab & unique build up such as this. honestly, the 1 & only apprehension i have that's preventing me from pulling the trigger are the...
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