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IMO, sizing, basically depends on what your intentions are with your RAW pair of denim__ if you're going for the "NOW" look, then TTS or size down to w/e makes for a slim/"clean" aesthetic look ... but, if you're planning to hold on to them 'til they fall apart, then you need to "Future-size". on Momos or Samurais or SDAs, etc., i'm sizing up 1 these days ... 'does not matter if they're not/partially/fully sanforized, @the back end [ie, after years of wear &...
since i got rid of my White's SJ rough-out & SD HH, my loden green Viberg service boots & Tricker's Malton had been "weatherized" & taken over [snow] duties ... since both are on commando soles
you're giving contradicting statements.they're either RAW [ie, haven't touched water__ ever] or one wash ... can't be both. it's not about about if you've soaked them, but the state of the denim when you got them from actual measurement posted, seems O/W. if they are, indeed, O/W, you might still be good.post some close up pix of the jeans & also a fit photo & we'll try to sort it out. AFAIK, Okayama's got a good rep here for customer service. did you ask...
the Heavies: F/W '13 Rotation Sam 0110xj, Sam 5000ai-10sp, Sam710xx, IH 634S-B O/D
these done/delivered?! ...haven't seen [prolly missed ] a pair posted yet
^^caveat on CWP statement ... ie, if your Alden is medium width. if you're E's, like i do on Alden Indy, you need to SU 1/2 on 2030 to account for the width ... or get another last. btw, on the 2005, i sized the same as my Indy. imo. it's a similar profile to 2030, but more forgiving up front.
Xposting from SuFu: the BRASS Section
"usually", not always 'reason i said that cuz most of White's CXLs are lined ... however, some [like Ice Mocha], are on the heavier range, so no need for lining.Xposting some junk from IH forum:
Yeah, CXL usually needs lining. The loden is thick enough that it does not need/have one ... 'cept @vamp, of course
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