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SDA photo bomb continued: the TRIO: 105/oki-515/101
Champloo OKI-515 : SU1 @W34 Limited Edition Serial Numbered Produced by Double Volante 15oz, SD-103 silhouette, mid rise straight leg fit Crotch rivet Front pocket openings reinforced with extra pocket lining Half lined back pockets Blue line selvage Deerskin leather patch 'still working on the 101s & 105s, so these will remain dry for quite awhile_ w/ tags & all.
Momo MJ2103
here's mine after @4yrs = 18mos+ effective wear. these [true blues] are like the "True Blood" of the denim world. 'just won't die ... nor fade away. *available light vs **direct sunlight
Samurai Yamato 001jp :: 3y/o = 14mos effective wear
Samurai 0500XX :: 4y/o = about 18mos effective wear
gotta ask this again ... which is wider, 2005 or 2040/2045?
i'm fitting 6 on Tricker's cuz i got wide feet & barely able to fit in a 2005 last. so, what's the main difference between the 2040 & 2045, as compared to the 2005? does it have more room up front than 2005? edit: i'm seriously contemplating on another Viberg soft-toe w/different leather make-up/config... maybe something with a bit of texture [like photo below] ... but in reverse combo ... ie, pebble or scotch grain shaft w/smooth vamp & backstay [as below]__...
i'm good with the make up except for the 2030 last. if it's anything sleeker than the 2005 i'm screwed.'got wider feet & would definitely need a more generous front, ie, 2040/2045? [soft-toe] or 110 [re-inforced/celastic]
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