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^ On more sleek/lower profile Viberg lasts like 2030 & 2005, unstructured cap looks decent ... But on SD/SJ, works best on plain toe, IMO
'Seen the Chelseas @IG__ Will it be on a new last? Would be fab on Unicorn, IMO Was wondering how the hide would look in colors other than black ... eg, natty, tan, etc.
Seriously!? 'Store is @Beijing!? Mosdef not that rabid about Viberg .... Unless the hide is from already extinct species of animal__ sorry, got to set a boundary somehow.
^ I'm assuming they're 110 on Christys__ unlike eg, Dainite x stacked leather heels where there's solid resistance, the heel will push down the footbed__ [concave] to the shape of your heel as the boot breaks in. I'm starting to experience less slippage on my Viberg Moctoe Chukkas already.
^ 205?? Or 201 !? 201 vs 705: • Both have about same taper from knee to hem • 201 cut is roomier @thighs • 201 has a bit longer rise than 705. IMO if u have thigh issues, 201 might be the cut for u.
SockTalk: [These] to go with your hXc boot collection Stance ... & for that more extreme condition__ SmartWool
^^ Agree👊🏼 Flat welt is an acceptable option for me, as well__ for a more casual/dressier, less rugged aesthetic. My Latigo Derbies has been a well-worthy addition in my rotation
.You're same size/situation as my nephew's. Again, depending on foot config, sizing true on 2030 was good on the length, but tight on the width= needed to su1/2 to compensate.However, he was TTS on 1035 & 2045__ w/c are both EEs.
IMO it really depends on where u wear them most__ Hiking trails & other offroad activities 430s will definitely hold out fine ... But, for like the concrete jungle of NYC where pure rubber meets pavement on everyday all day basis ?? ... @times in a grueling NYC summer ?? ... Composite & Corded Neoprene soles are a proven best for city living, in my experience.Xpost from SuFu thread:Both are slip resistant__ 700 is more durable cuz it's composite, while 430 is rubber.Too...
🎯Hideous was prolly what I was aiming for, subconsciously ... Mosdef a [herd] repellant 😏😏My dad had something in similar shade/colorway back in the 70's when "Earth" shoes & HushPuppies were the rave😬Actually, when I snagged them, I already had an idea of tweaking the color into a slightly darker shade of brown, then swapping the soles w/ an add'l leather midsole= double leather + Neoprene Corded outsoles, once it's time for re-sole.Prolly still gonna be hideous for SF,...
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