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🎯Cipresso on a 4444 longwings would be fab.But, right now, I am very very happy w/ my ALLAN Tricker's X SF Teak Cordo🙏🏻Broken in:
Got the ToW, as well. What I know is, that the 4444 is [just a tad] longer in length & have more toe room than 4497. So, YES, same size on the 4444 sounds right, if u like a similar feel fit of the ToW👍🏼
^Which pair do u have on WL? WWI B5? Those are G-width. If the length fits right & you can take normal width, I'd say same UK sizing on 4497 & size down 1/2 on 4444.
💭 the CXL derbys= ultimate casual version ever= 💣Better than the Guidis ... w/c IMO look more fab on chukkas & service bootsOf course, that's just me😁
You don't f-around perfection.Variants should ONLY be limited to sole/last/leather options ... Uppers orig'l design config is inherently what makes the Boons, imo
^^^👏🏼 Shrewd & sensible! ... Hopper🎯
✅Money IN mouth: ➡️ Hopper📌
'Got me @"not actually ...", then👊🏽Mosdef got the PoP, Fok🙏🏻 ... as in, power of persuasion ... But, what makes you da man= you always deliver!!!
^Re-heel= local cobbler, but anything re: sole/welt, I'd go to experts who routinely do the procedure you want done. Contact Richard [ShoeHealer].
^^ I know, right?! ^Yeah, 'still on the fence for the Hopper I mean, the boot make up is going to be epic, no doubt. 'LUVed the whole concept. I just can't get over__ a Chamois Strap. I don't have any [Engineers], but from personal observation, the strap is what holds the entire boot fastened/secured. From a "lace up" guy point of view, I'm not so sure if the chamois strap will be able to hold its own [meaning, not stretch out &/or break prematurely] down the line. A...
New Posts  All Forums: