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IMO it really depends on where u wear them most__ Hiking trails & other offroad activities 430s will definitely hold out fine ... But, for like the concrete jungle of NYC where pure rubber meets pavement on everyday all day basis ?? ... @times in a grueling NYC summer ?? ... Composite & Corded Neoprene soles are a proven best for city living, in my experience.Xpost from SuFu thread:Both are slip resistant__ 700 is more durable cuz it's composite, while 430 is rubber.Too...
🎯Hideous was prolly what I was aiming for, subconsciously ... Mosdef a [herd] repellant 😏😏My dad had something in similar shade/colorway back in the 70's when "Earth" shoes & HushPuppies were the rave😬Actually, when I snagged them, I already had an idea of tweaking the color into a slightly darker shade of brown, then swapping the soles w/ an add'l leather midsole= double leather + Neoprene Corded outsoles, once it's time for re-sole.Prolly still gonna be hideous for SF,...
WAYWT__ not for every1 ... I know😏 Viberg Bison MocToe PBJ 007 JCrew
^ I think the recent HH is [thinner] Italian version ...???
^My aim is to share experience, not to confuse😏Here are some measurements on the 701 for you consideration.Raw vs. Post Multiple Wash [BiG-style]Tagged W34: w= 35 / 34F/rise= 10.75 / 10B/rise= 14.75 / 14.25U/thigh= 12.75 / 12.25Knee= 9.5 / 9L/O= 8.75 / 8.25 @32 inseamNumbers don't lie__ basically, waist is shrink-to-tagged. Unless they've undergone some sort of pre-soaking, shrinkage is to be expected accordingly.Some peeps like the challenge of stretching their...
Yeah__ Gotta be careful sizing the BOM00X. Denim is from the Vintage Label__ forget about stretching them😁💥🔫
^ TTS is doable, but nowadays, as mentioned before, I prefer not to do battles w/ the waistband after a wash__ so I chose the nonchalance of a comfort fit👊🏼 I'm normally W33, but SU1 on the 202SP @W34
^Yeah. Thing is you don't get max shrinkage from soaking alone. It will shrink further after a wash.Have u tried a 201 cut? It's got more room @top block & thighs. If u like the deep indigo 202 might be to your liking.Here are some fit pix:
Everybody's runnin' and no one makes a moveEveryone's a winner and nothing left to loseThere's a little yellow idol to the north of KatmanduEverybody's flying and no one leaves the groundEverybody's crying and no one makes a soundThere's a place for us in the movies you just gotta lay aroundNobody told me .... Derby Days like this👊🏼Very nice__ Enjoy🎉
^ Well, if original inseam on a tapered cut is, like @round 36" & u get them hemmed @30", then mosdef the difference in ratio between knee-&-hem will be noticeable.
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