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^ Mind you, those are from normal city wear ... Nothing off road or strenuous. But, yeah, they're pretty cool__ to collect [on display] ... or for hanging out indoors ... on smooth or carpeted floors😬 Truth is, once the novelty of the CP design embossment wears in, you're left w/ nothing but rubber soles, really. Practical dude, like me, would rather make the most of a $750 pair of boots ... try to avoid the anguish & possible complications of a costly premature...
^ Like I said, re-heel, I don't mind__ but re-sole is more costly, takes longer ..... & opens up the possibility of a botch re-sole job 😕 Now, if I have to riddle the sole w/taps or w/e just to preserve the soles !?!?!? ... That'll be dumb. Its either you embrace the concept wholly or not. It was discussed awhile back that there's a limited availability on the CP half-soles. IMO, now is the time to re-evaluate, since GMTO has not kick into production just yet.
Xposting from GMTO thread:
@HOPPER Owners: 'Thought I'd share my Cat's Paw experience w/ you peeps regarding wear & durability for reconsideration__ a swap to a more durable Vibram 705 composite half soles. I've had mine on the LoneWolf for less than a year of effective wear. IMO, [heritage] nostalgia is great, but short live & impractical, in this case. Base on the rate of the soles wearing in from [light] use, they'll need a re-sole in about 2yrs. The heels, I don't mind/care cuz they're an...
^ Fit/cut config is constant. Sizing depends on the denim used__ eg, VX 17oz, XX 19oz, 24oz, etc.
@BlueHorseShoe : Fab dye job__ very courageous, considering the costly risk🙏🏻 'Recently DIYed my English Tan Latigo Derbies to Army Tan. Priorly planned for Oxblood or #8, but decided to try something a bit different. 'Envisioned the color to be a few shades lighter [as on the "Angelus" color chart]. I'm hoping they'd lighten up a tad more once the "Scarlet" Meltonian creme seeps in/dries out & the top color gradually flakes away from constant brushing & wear.
^ On more sleek/lower profile Viberg lasts like 2030 & 2005, unstructured cap looks decent ... But on SD/SJ, works best on plain toe, IMO
'Seen the Chelseas @IG__ Will it be on a new last? Would be fab on Unicorn, IMO Was wondering how the hide would look in colors other than black ... eg, natty, tan, etc.
Seriously!? 'Store is @Beijing!? Mosdef not that rabid about Viberg .... Unless the hide is from already extinct species of animal__ sorry, got to set a boundary somehow.
^ I'm assuming they're 110 on Christys__ unlike eg, Dainite x stacked leather heels where there's solid resistance, the heel will push down the footbed__ [concave] to the shape of your heel as the boot breaks in. I'm starting to experience less slippage on my Viberg Moctoe Chukkas already.
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