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my personal experience is that you need to size down 1/2 from SJ to SD.hence, SJ 8.5E = SD 8Elearned that the hard way, too ... 'had to sell my MTO SD HH x Bison as the consequence.
@B-ewing: 9.5D on SD, 10D on SJ
i'm US 8E on Indy = UK 8 on 2005 last. IMO, you need a 2040.
can't comment unless we see some fit pix
don't know how tight they are on you, but if you don't have issues on the length & you're able to put them on w/ thin or w/o socks, then it's doable. i've stretched quite a few pairs just cuz my feet are on the wide-side. however, yours seemed to look like the White's full grain leather, so it's going to be a bit tougher ... but, as i mentioned, doable. my William Lennon T.O.W. in reversed kip butt leather [thicker & more dense than SJ rough-outs, actually] were...
LUVed the Storm Grey, Charlie!
any1 knows how much White's charge for a re-last? ... calling Kyle!!!
Sorry, should be US 8E on SD. Anyway, I actually got high arches & insteps. I wear medium to heavy weight socks + "Superfeet" half-insoles on most of my work boots for heel cushion & arch support. However, I wear light to medium weight socks w/o insoles on both Trickers & Viberg, so they're sized accordingly.
Got wide Asian feet, so here are my comparative sizing: Viberg Service Boots 2005 last = UK8 US 8E = Alden Indy :: US 8 = White's SemiDress :: US 8.5EE = Dayton Drivers :: US9 = LoneWolf Wireman & Hunter :: UK7.5 fitting6 = Trickers Malton/=UK8 on Allan w/c are fitting5
rough-outs are usually single layer. smooth inside, so no need for lining. however, suede/nubuck in another matter.
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